10 best website design tools to make it SEO friendly

You just cannot stop the innovation in the IT world- it is an ongoing process. New tools and techniques are regularly updated in the market to make the website design more authentic and SEO friendly. Here we got some useful website design tools that can help Web or software consulting company to achieve quality results.

best website design tools

1. Shopify

Shopify is a great tool if you really wish to have a website for an online store. The tool almost regulates 325 thousands online shops. The features included in Shopify are flexible and can work regardless of the size of the business. Countless layouts and themes are available in Shopify that developers can use to design website.

2. Pattern Lab

Pattern Lab is an incredible website design tool introduced by Dave Olsen and Brad Frost. The tool works on the concept of Atomic Design- which says that a website design should be separated into its littlest parts- atoms- and must be combined in a way that it forms larger, reusable segments, i.e. molecules and organisms

Benefits of Pattern Lab tool-

  • It is tool agnostic
  • It empowers developer to settle UI designs within each other and highlight with dynamic information
  • It offers Device agnostic viewport feature that ensure responsive web design
  • It is extensible

3. Silex

Silex is a free and open source tool that can be applied within the program and perform. Developer can use Silex to assemble everything, with every one of your progressions noticeable promptly. If developers are comfortable with JavaScript and CSS, they will find coordinated editors that allow them to try hands on the code to add styles and intuitiveness to their components.

More formats and widgets are available for free and some are paid. You should know that Silex cannot be used for hosting your website, but it may guide you to get arranged.

4. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a speedy, customizable web program designed for control clients worked by a group of people that initiated the Opera. The UI has been intended by using JavaScript and React, along with Node.js and multiple NPM modules.
You can do lot of customization with this tool and use its other features, such as-

  • Command line control
  • Tab Stacking
  • Web panels
  • Panel for taking notes

5. Chrome developer tools

“Chrome Developer tools” is a Google built-in tool that can be used to edit HTML and CSS continuously or debug Javascript; all while viewing the overall performance analysis of the website. A palette of network tools can easily optimize the loading flows and timeline provides you more knowledge about the performance of the browser at any given minute. Developers may follow the official Youtube channel of Google developers to know what Google is offering every Six weeks.

6. Antetype

Antetype tool is designed for making responsive UIs for websites and applications. The feature of Auto-layout and widgets allow developers to instamtly repeat their designs while looking after consistency.

When you download this tool, you will be provided an essential widget library that can be used for making prototypes and beginning designing. The tool Antetype offers a library of devices and operating system designs including Android, IOS, and Windows.

7. Balsamiq

The best web design programming is incomplete without Balsamiq tool. This is an extraordinary tool that can be simply used by programmers. It offers a canvas to fill along with the normal site structure components required by them. It costs $89 and is accessible for the Windows and Mac.

8. Lightshot Official

Lightshot tool allows you to take screenshots of the screen and share with other persons. And you can also edit the screenshot before saving or sending it to others.

9. Color wheel

Poor shading scheme cannot allow you to prepare a nice design and that’s why Adobe Color Wheel allows you to pick best colors. Color Wheel is the best scheme creation web-based free tool Once you pick a seed color, Color Wheel allows you to pick a new color which results in a delicate shading scheme.

10. Macaw

Macaw tool was intended for designers. This tool can be used for making responsive designs without touching any code. It offers effortless design features without making app indecent or unfamiliar.

Getting a makeover for web design doesn’t mean you need to alter your presence. A website is a part of a complete marketing plan that works as your virtual business world. For successful web design, you also need a great marketing strategy, right keywords, SEO assistance, understanding of social media marketing, and website hosting.

Take actions to achieve what you desire!

If you have anything in your mind regarding this post, just make comment below. For more information about web design tools, you can search each of them and read about them in detail.