13 WordPress plugins for better admin experience, User experience and SEO

WordPress is one of the most used Content management system (CMS) because of it’s possibilities and flexibility too. You can make any type of site on wordpress.

First of all, let me tell you that there are two WordPress in existence. One is wordpress.com and another one is wordpress.org. Let me tell you the difference between them.

  • WordPress.com – WordPress.com is a site from which you can make a blog or website(new) for free. But there will be “wordpress.com” in your domain just Like I have in this blog. If you want to remove it, you can purchase the domain name worth 18$ per year. Moreover, there are many limitations in comparison with wordpress.org.
  • WordPress.org – WordPress.org is a Content management system. You can download wordpress files from wordpress.org. It is just a group of files written in PHP and MySQL as base and you can host them on your server to make a site. It is very flexible and there are no limitations. Many Multi millionaire sites online are powered by wordpress.org.

Wordpress SEO plugin

You can add extra plugins and themes in wordpress.org which is hosted on your server. Plugins are the extra codes you can use to add more features. WordPress has thousands of wordpress plugins for free. But, How to select best ones from them that has solution of every problem? In this list, I am going to cover each and every plugin that will help you to power up your wordpress sites with each and every essential thing you need to manage and power up your site. So, Let the list begin.

1. Akismet

Akismet should be the first plugin you activate on your wordpress. Akismet comes with the wordpress itself and It is very much useful because it identifies the spam comments and helps you to get rid of spam comments on your wordpress.
What you have to do is to remove spam comments from the spam tab. For more protection, you can sign up for akismet and get the authorization code. But there is no more difference on authorized and non-authorized akismet.

It is really useful and I use it on my every site to get rid of spam comments.

2. Better delete revision

It is small yet powerful plugin that will help you to remove the Revisions of the articles you publish on your site. If you are new to wordpress, let me tell you the meaning of Revision. Whenever you save or update the article, the previous version of article is saved so that you can retrieve any time. But they are not necessary at all in 99% cases.

I personally never used to revisions. The problem with the revisions is revisions use the space on your server. That’s why deleting them is the best way to save up some space on your server. That’s why Better delete revision is the best plugin to do so. With just 1 click, you can remove all revisions.

3. Contact form 7

The one and only the best plugin that will help you to make contact forms on the site with ease. You just have to select the Fields and save the form. You will get the short code of the form and you can use it anywhere to show the form on your site.

I didn’t found any other easy way to make contact form on the site. That’s why I recommend you to use the Contact form 7 plugin to make best contact forms on your site. You can also customize the Forms!

4. Easy table

Making tables in wordpress is very difficult due to unknown results. When we try to make table in wordpress by coding it, it crashes and behaves differently. That’s why to make table in wordpress, Easy table is the best plugin.

You just have to copy and paste the short code of the whole table from plugin page to the page on which you want to show the table. It is very much easy to use. You can make forms with ease using this plugin.

5. Google analytics

Google analytics is the best of the best analytics tool. It is free upto 50 sites on 1 account. Yes, if you have one google account then you can get analytics of the 50 sites you own.

To implement Google analytis on your wordpress site, you can install google analytics plugin. After that you just have to enter then ID of the website in the google analytics plugin and that’s all. Now google analytics will start showing you the stats of your site. It is very easy to use and I use it on my all sites.

6. Lazy Load

Lazy Load is the plugin to speed up the loading time of your blog posts and every page of your site. For example, you have 10 images in one page. Once the visitor will visit that page, That 10 images will get loaded at once. Which will make that page loading slower.

After installing this plugin, images will be loaded just before the visitor reaches the image. Yes, they will not get loaded together with the page content. It will help you to improve your site speed a lot.

7. Quick Adsense (If you use Google adsense)

If you monetize your site with google adsense then you should use this plugin because it will make your work too much easy to implement adsense codes on your site.

For example, If you want to show the advertisement after 2-3 paragraphs on every article, It is impossible directly but in this plugin, you just have to paste the code in the field and select that after how many paragraphs you want to show this advertisement.

That’s all, Now your 1 hour work is done in less than 1 minute. If you are adsense publisher, I strongly recommend you to use this plugin.

8. Related posts by Zemanta

This will also help you to save some visitors that are going to close your site after reading the article. If you will show them related articles to the article which is opened, you will stop some visitors to get bounced.

Related post by zemanta knows how to do that. You can customize the look of the related post section and zemanta will pick the most related posts automatically and will show to users. According to me, this is the best plugin to show related posts at the end of every article.

9. Simple IP Ban

I came to know about this plugin in the hard way. Someone started spamming on my site and I searched about this on web. Finally, I came to know about this plugin. I just installed it and spamming stopped!

What this plugin does is it will stop visitors coming to the site from specific IP. If someone is spamming on your site, Just enter the IP of that visitor in the Simple IP ban plugin and that visitor will never be able to visit your site from that IP.

You can also redirect the banned visitors to other URL. I did this and it works really great!

10. W3 Total cache

It will help you to speed up the your site. It will minify your HTML and CSS and JS files and will remove every white space from your Files so that it will save some space while loading your site will become quite fast.

It also give your site a content delivery network which makes your site faster. So, If you don’t have w3 Total cache plugin, just go and install it because it is very useful.

11. WordPress Popular posts

Your visitors will be happy to see the popular content on your site. This plugin will help you to add the popular widget plugin in the sidebar or anywhere you want. You just have to drag-drop the widget and select how many posts you want to show to the visitors and that’s all.

You can also show the number of views to the post and number of comments on the articles as your wish. You can also rank the articles on the bases of views, Comments, Shares etc. It is best of the best Popular post plugin on wordpress.

12. WP Smush

WP smush is the plugin that will help you to compress the image when you upload it. It is very much easy to use and you just have to activate once it is installed and that’s all. After activating it, you don’t have to do anything. Whenever you will upload the image, it will get compressed and that’s all. I strongly recommend you to use this plugin.

13. Yoast SEO

Finally, the Ultimate SEO plugin which is used on almost more than 1 million wordpress sites on the web. It helps you to accomplish the below given tasks.

  • Making XML sitemaps (And updating it).
  • Meta description and Meta keywords(If you need) to every article.
  • Manage Titles and Metas of static pages.
  • Managing which page to index and which not.
  • Enabling and disabling the Breadcrumbs.
  • Canonicalization.
  • Many more…

This is the one and only one SEO plugin you need on your site. It is very much easy to use and always a great one!

Conclusion: WordPress plugins matters a lot when it comes to Your experience, User experience and Search engine rankings or SEO. You also need the plugin which helps you to decrease the time you waste on the things which are matter of seconds using plugins, You also need the plugins to give better experience to google and most important, to rank on the targeted keyword by giving best experience to google crawlers.

You can install these plugins to do so. They are the best ones and should be always there on every wordpress site. You can install more plugins according to your needs.



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