5 Tools you should use if you are SEO

If you are blogger or SEO, you might be using some tools and extensions in your browser that help you in many ways.

Ofcourse, Every blogger or SEO has some tools and extensions on which they trust for some metrics or estimates of any site to know whether they can perform better than that site or how much good their site is growing.

In the same article, I am going to show you some extensions and tools that I am using since long time and I have very good experience with them

There are some tasks that you have to perform regularly as a SEO like while writing article, You need screenshots in which you want to indicate or focus something. For that, you have to take screenshot and then you have to edit it offline and then you can upload it on your site.

But there is one extension we are going to cover in the same post that can make this process really easy. I mean, you have to click on the icon of the Extension and you have to crop the screen you want to capture and then you can edit it online too! Isn’t that easier much then doing it manually?

SEO Tools

Finally, Here is the list of an extensions and tools that I am using currently and we are going to cover in the article.

• Ahrefs Site Explorer

• Zenmate (Browser extension)

• Blog topic Generator by Hubspot

• Ahrefs SEO toolbar

• SEOquake

• Mozbar

We are going to cover 5 online tools adding extensions in this post. I am going to explain all of them in detail… So, let us start with the first one.

1. Ahrefs Site Explorer

I Just love this tool because it shows backlinks of the websites. Yes, Just because of that. Now you’ll say there are lots of backlink checkers then why only ahrefs.

It is because, Ahrefs has their own crawlers and they are lightning fast. They know what they have to do exactly and Ahrefs is the most accurate when it comes to getting list of the backlinks of your site as well as your competitor’s site.

In the free version, you’ll not able to see the exact URLs from which you/competitor is getting backlinks but you will be able to see number of backlinks, Number of dofollow backlinks, number of nofollow backlinks and the cloud of Anchor text there.

I think for free, it is the most you can demand. Here is the screenshot of working Ahrefs!

Ahrefs Backlink Analysis Tool

In the above image, you can see the AHREFS rank on the left middle side of the screenshot. After that you can see the Information about referring domains and all on the right side. You can see number of backlinks and current number of Referrinf domains on the top and also the social media information on the top right side of the image.

This is only the screenshot of the first part of the page. There is much more information available like in which week I got how many backlinks, How many backlinks I lost, How many referring domains I got in specific week and also How many i lost.

There is also information about the anchor text from which you got backlinks. That is the reason why I recommend Ahrefs to check backlinks report of your site. Moreover, Analysis done by Ahrefs is accurate too!


It is really my mate. It is because, it help me to check whether my sites are working from other countries or not. Yes, It is true. It allows you to change your location.

You can completely surf anonymously using Zenmate. It is just a simple Extension just like below given image. You have to click on the icon given on in the chrome and you will be asked to turn security on or off. Here is it,

Zenmate Chrome Extension

You can see whether I want to turn protection on or off. When I will turn my protection on, I will become Anonymous because I can change my location any time I want. After turning Protection on, you can click on the Country flag and you will get list of the available countries. In free version, you are only allowed to use 4 Ips but in paid version, you can use more than 15.

You can select any of the available country and you will be the Surfer of that country. In short, It will change your IP. Benefit of this is you can check whether your site is woking properly on other countries too or not. It happens that you will see different and others will see different when you will transfer your site from one host to another.

3. Blog topic Generator by Hubspot

You ever struck in the situation when you are not getting idea about what to write on your blog? If so, now you will not get struck in the similar situation assuming you know your niche and major keywords. You can see in the below given image to get exact Idea about what to do.

It is very simple and effective. You have to enter major keywords or Nouns in the fields given by the tool and after that, it will randomly Generate Blog topics on which we can write articles.

Hubsopt Topic Generator QueryWhen I clicked on the GIVE ME BLOG TOPICS! I got this,

Hubsopt Topic Generator Results

You can see how Effective the tool is, We can say that because The tool gave us 5 topics on which we can REALLY write articles. In most cases, this tool gives 4/5 Blogable Ideas. So, you can use this tool to get ideas about what to write on your blog.

4. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Once again, we are back to Ahrefs. If you are not satisfied with Backlink checker of the Ahrefs, you will be impressed by this Extension. So, what this Extension will do?

It will show you the backlink report of each and every search result. Yes, I am not joking. Below each and every search result, you will get the short and sweet report of that page. It will help you to do Competition Analysis. You can know how many backlinks your competitor has and how much backlinks you need to rank above him/her.

By installing it, you will get icon of Ahrefs and to activate it, you just have to click on the icon. After that, search anything, you will start getting reports. Here is the example,

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

You can see Ahrefs SEO toolbar in working condition here. Isn’t that Interesting and useful? Not only the search engine results, but Ahrefs SEO toolbar will give you reports of each and every website or page you’ll visit.

You can’t get ahrefs toolbar direcly from Google Chrome store. To install Ahrefs toolbar, you have to download .crx file from the Ahrefs toolbar page and then you have to drag and drop in the Extensions page of the chrome. By this method, you can install Ahrefs toolbar on your chrome and enjoy it.

5.  SEOQuake

SEOquake is again a Chrome Extension that allows you to check the on-page stats of any web page.

You check check numbers like Keyword density of each 1 word,2 words,3 words and 4 words Keywords on the page.

You can also check what is there in meta description and meta keywords. Whenever you do keyword research, you can also check Metrics of each and every result on the google search page.

It is almost same like Alexa toolbar but Both of them are based on different SEO Parts. Where Ahrefs toolbar covers off-page SEO analysis, SEOquake covers on-page analysis.

It is worthy to use SEOquake and I use it. Not only me, Many professional bloggers and Thousands of SEOs and bloggers use this Extension to check on-page stats if their competitor’s sites.

Conclusion : According to me, These 5 Extensions + Online tools are the one that every blogger and SEO should use. If you are one, your life will be a lot easier after using these tools and plugins. With them, I’ve passed months and they helped me a lot in making each and every work easier.

There are also more plugins that I recommend you to use. They are Evernote, Mozbar, Majestic SEO toolbar, Check My links and many more. If you have good experience with the similar tools or extensions, you can comment them down so that others can also get informed about it. Share this articles with your blogger and SEO friends on social media and help us spread the Knowledge.