7 Franchise Marketing Trends of 2018

Are you a founder or a CEO looking to streamline the digital marketing strategies for your franchise’s functioning in different locations? Executing a unified digital marketing strategy is one of the common challenges faced by franchisees. If you’re planning to implement a winning marketing strategy for your franchise, this post is aimed at giving you a few tips for navigating through some of the challenges you may face while doing it.

Digital Marketing Strategies

What is Franchise Marketing and what are the challenges?

Franchise marketing is a strategy that involves doing promotions for different franchises of a corporate establishment. Each franchise is part of a bigger parent company. However, there are differences in locations, weather conditions, people, and culture. This demands a more structured and well-planned marketing strategy that can take care of all the factors involved.

Although franchises come under the same umbrella, they still need their fair share of promotions. Thanks to the ever-evolving marketing trends that have made the process of franchise marketing, effective and successful for businesses across the world.

Here’s a list of the top 7 franchise marketing trends of 2018 that marketers are using; you can consider these as a franchise marketer:

1. Popular features on social media platforms

Today, a majority of people are on the social media. This has made it quite convenient for franchises to market their products and services on social media platforms. While marketing on social media platforms is one thing, being aware of the latest features on each social media platform being used can add a lot to online marketing strategies.

You’d see so many franchises being up-to-date with features that people are interested in. For instance, as soon as Instagram came up with the “ask me a question” feature, many online stores made use of the feature and attracted their prospective customers. Moreover, the live video feature on Facebook and Instagram make the experience interactive for the audience and gather more attention and response.

2. Local advertising

One thing with the online marketing is its reach, which is far and broad. However, local advertising plays a significant role in gaining the attention of the local customers- something a business can’t miss out on. As opposed to traditional ways of local advertising, like the use of newsletters and pamphlets. Today, the online marketing can also help you advertise locally. By carefully sharing content and information on social media using location tags, you can make yourself visible to the local customers and increase local sales.

3. Flexible approach

Franchises can make it big by making things a lot more convenient for the users. For instance, if you expand the means of payments on your website, more and more people would make purchases readily. For this, again, you need to have an idea about what are the means of payments that most users prefer. Besides, making the purchase experience simpler and less complicated is yet another way of having more people complete the transaction. Many customers exit midway when the process of making the purchase is long, time-consuming, and tedious.

4.Analyzing consumer behavior

Most of it comes down to studying purchase behavior of the customers. Today, customers have countless ways of fetching all the details related to the product they intend to buy. From reviews to prices, many websites and forums provide much information. Knowing what research, the customers conduct would help you to deliver exactly what your customers need. Providing as much information about the products to your customers, along with a broader scope for choice making would help your business better.

5. Quick delivery services

With everything at lightning speed, people love businesses that drop the products at their doorstep as soon as they hit the ‘buy’ button. Real-time delivery services have come up, which makes it a lot more competitive for other businesses. From grocery stores to food-related services, people get most of what they want in a matter of minutes. This is why having a delivery service with a short delivery timespan helps in enhancing the customer satisfaction and as a result, more sales.

6. Responsive websites

Whether it’s about being mobile-friendly or the loading speed of your franchise site, the website should be highly responsive so that users find it easy to operate and don’t get demotivated while browsing through it. Yet, another chief factor is being prompt at solving issues of the customers and dealing with their problems to retain the customers with you forever. People love to be valued, and if you value your customers, it helps in winning their loyalty in return.

7. Artificial intelligence

With Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and many other voice assistants, AI has become a crucial factor to pay attention to. For any franchise, embracing artificial intelligence would assist in ordering products or asking questions through voice search conveniently for the users. Even as you provide virtual assistance, making it highly conversational would help you enhance the customer experience and give more customer satisfaction.


These are some of the top franchise marketing trends that are trending this year. While these trends are greatly helping franchisers in establishing themselves in stronger ways, there still is a lot of scope. As the online marketing is highly dynamic, there will always be new and emerging ideas in the market to improvise the latter one. Whether it’s franchise marketing or online marketing for any kind of business, staying up to date and adapting to newer trends helps greatly. There is always a bit of trial and error techniques involved, but it all pays if you decide to be flexible and dynamic with the approach to expand your business.