The Best keyword Research Techniques to Reach Targeted Audience

Whatever your business is, You need to target the right audience for it!

It is true that you need to target audience to get higher conversion rates and higher sales. Have you ever targeted your audience in a right way? Do you know How do target them? If not, then this article is for you.

If you will not target your audience in the right manner, You will get less number of sales then what you or your product deserve. It means you really need to target your audience for better business.

In this article, I will teach you to target perfect keywords by which you can get better sales. As it’s keyword research, You have to rank your blog or site for that keyword to get traffic that converts into customers.
So, let us start with #1 logic!

Keyword Research Techniques

1. Target Long tail keywords

If you will target long tail keywords, you will get more targeted traffic. The Logic behind targeting long tail keywords is they are specific. For example, “Mens shoes” is more broader and shorter keyword then “Nike mens running shoes”.

You can see “Nike mens running shoes” is Long tail keywords and it’s specific too! Those who are searching This keyword is finding Nikes shoes for mens for running and they are likely to purchase shoes more then those who search “Nike shoes”. Here is the relation between conversion rate and long tail keywords.

You can see, As long is your keyword, Narrow and converting will be the audience. Long tail keywords has High Probability of conversion, but short tail keywords Lack conversion rate a lot.

Now, Let me show you some well-known techniques to find long tail keywords for your product. For example, I want to find long and converting keywords for the niche or short keyword “Laptops”. Here are the techniques to do that.

1. Google Auto Complete

Whenever you search something in google, For example, “Best power banks” then you will get 4 suggestions based on that keyword. For others, they are suggestions but for us they are long tail keywords having specific search volume. Here are they.

Longtail keywords through auto search complete

From the suggestions only, We got some great long tail keywords on which you can rank your article if you are tech blogger. It is similar when it comes to business. You can get more sales by ranking on Long tail keywords like this in your niche.

2. Google’s Search Related

After the 10th result in the page of google, you will find search related to … . That shows the searches related to the current searches. For others, It is related searches but for us, they are long tail keywords.
For example, If you want to sell your men’s shoes then you can target below given keywords to get better sales.

Mens formal shoes and mens casual shoes are some of the best keywords to target if you have shoes company and wants to sell casual or formal shoes for men.

Longtail keywords through Related Searches

If you are a blogger and want to rank for some keyword as a long term, you can target Salvatore ferragamo mens shoes because it is comparatively easy to rank for that keyword in comparison with Nikes mens shoes.

For every short or long keyword, you will get Related searches. You can stretch your main keyword as much as you want but be sure that you are targeting keyword having decent search volume.

3. Use for ease!

It’s quite hard to find lots of long tail keywords using the #1 techniques because there are hundreds of long tail keywords for any specific keyword. is a tool by which you can easily find hundereds of long tail keywords in seconds! uses the same technique used in #1 but It is the advanced tool! you just have to enter your short keyword and will give you lots of long tail keywords. When I entered “Mens shoes” in as given below, I got 368 long tail keywords.

Ubersuggest longtail keyword search results


First of all, Enter your short keyword and then click on the suggest. Now, you will get the treasure of long tail keywords as I got 368 long tail keywords for Mens shoes.

By this way, you can get long tail keywords if you’ve got your niche or product. It’s not at all a hard thing.

2. Target Right country

Do you know that which country is better for you to sell your product? In most cases, you don’t have a problem in exporting your product to other countries if any country has high conversion rate and you are making the good profit. If you are a blogger, you will mostly target US because CPC from the US is better then any other countries.

First of all, you need to see that from which country your keyword is getting most traffic. If the keyword is being searched from countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and India then the  conversion rate will be quite low in comparison with the conversion rate of US, UK and Australia.

So, How can you check the number of searches for any keyword according to countries. It’s easy. First of all, make the list of keywords you want to target. Then, Upload it to Keyword planner provided to us by google.

After getting information, Click on Search volume trends and then click on Breakdown by location. When I did this, I got following results.

90.1% searches are done from United states for long tail keywords of Mens shoes. The file I made to upload on Keyword Planner is here.

Country Targeted Keyword Research

It is profitable to rank your website in United states because You will get high converting audience from countries like US, UK and Canada.

Conclusion: These are some basic logics by which you can increase your blog traffic or sales. It depends on you that how you understand the logic. If you will target right keywords and right countries then you might get more benefit then what you can getting currently.


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