Best Link Building Strategies for Post Penguin Updates

Link Building Strategies post PenguinLink building is one of the most effective ways to promote sites in the online world with overwhelming competition. This has been fully embraced by internet marketers for years as it is the easiest way to lead internet users to their individual sites.

While link building may come to be an effective way to promote a business, there are internet marketers who have taken advantage of such. In fact, some links were used to promote fraudulent sites. In return, internet users have found irrelevant contents from their searches because those fraudulent sites with high ranking links have taken the spot.

In response to the clamor of irrelevant links, Google has made its move to clear suspicious sites. Google Penguin has been released to clear their search engine from fraudulent internet marketers. This is said to slash out several high ranking sites because of suspicious contents, but has improved the way links work.

This encouraged an immediate response to build links again. Yet, it is said that there is a need for a complete strategy change in order to rise up. A lot of experts have recommended building links in the safest way possible without choosing the dark side of promotions again. Google algorithms are specially designed to spot suspicious contents. So, how can you strategize then? Here are some of the most effective and safest ways to build links after Google Penguin has been released.

Establish Working Relationship

A safe way to build links is to first establish rapport to internet marketers, experts and internet enthusiasts, this is known as networking. By allowing yourself to mingle with these people, it will be easier for you to find people who are willing to help you up in linking your site to theirs. In order to do so, here are some tips that you can follow.

  1. Interview Experts

If you are eager to find a way to establish linkage, it may be proper to interview experts. These are the people whom you can really get credible advices from. Spotting them may come easy too.

To interview experts, you can just post on forums. Forums are great places to mingle with internet marketers and techy people. You can just post relevant questions and experts might just buy your call and answer your inquiries.

  1. Comment on Blogs

Another way to establish a working relationship with people who might help you with links is by commenting on blogs. Try to look for blogs with the same niche as yours. This way, it will be easier for you to comment relevant things on the posts. You can even share your site by commenting as well. You just have to make sure not to flood comment boxes with your promotions to avoid annoying the site developer.

The idea of building relationships is to have a close group of people to help you up with your dilemmas in the future and to also help you get links to credible sites that will raise your reputation as well.

Focus on Contents

After establishing a working relationship with other internet users, you can now focus on your site’s contents to make it appealing to the public. Here are some of the ways to make that happen.

  1. Provide compelling contents.

Interesting content will help build the credibility of your links. Instead of putting up irrelevant topics, try to provide interesting and useful topics that are according to your chosen niche. Usually, internet marketers find it significant to post 2000 word write-ups in order to comply with standards. However, you need to pay particular attention on your target market too, some populations prefer short written contents rather than long boring ones.

  1. Anchor texts

Catchy titles and contents will carry a huge bulk of increasing the chances of building links. However, it will be more efficient to anchor texts. This should represent the brand, the domain name, and your site’s URL.

  1. Put up relevant links only.

The annoying part of some links is that it will take you to sites that are not even relevant to your searches, which can be disappointing. So, to leave you safe from the cloud of internet marketers who are guilty of this, take some time to put relevant links only. This will not only leave your readers happy, it will also leave them coming back to your site more because they trust the content you offer.

  1. Do guest blogging.

Guest blogging is considered to be a great way to build links nowadays. This works by submitting your write-ups on a popular site. Once your article is taken in, it is easier for users to find your site. This is true when your article is posted in credible blog sites.

To do guest blogging, there will be a need for you to sign up to sites like Huffington posts and WordPress. Your posts will first need to follow a screening to ensure that it complies with standards. Once your post is approved, you will then have the chance to have your site promoted through the links your post contains.

The secret towards getting your post approved is making sure it’s reliable. Try to make original articles and not copied ones. Chances are, you will get approved for your unique write-ups.

Guest blogging will help you, not only promote your site through links, but to also garner referral traffics. If you are blogging on famous sites, chances of getting higher traffic is promising through referrals. Remember that millions of people are flooding blog sites nowadays because of interesting contents. You just have to create yours to get a share of that traffic.


Google Penguin might have changed the way internet marketers strategize to promote their sites, but it does not completely cripple sites as a whole. In fact, it is a very effective way to clean the competition out. With the use of clean strategies as mentioned above, link building will surely be a breeze. Plus, you will get a bonus of not having to worry about getting your posts completely eradicated in the web.

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