Best techniques to make your Articles natural but SEO optimized

You’ve ever thought that you make your articles non-user friendly to make it search engine friendly?

If you don’t know this then just check the previous articles you wrote. You will not like to read them because you tried to Optimize them for Search engines but not users.

Nowadays, Search engine takes more than 200 Ranking factors to rank any website on SERPs. In short, they are users only but Machines. They can read and understand the sentence you wrote. Yes, they can understand the meaning of the sentence you wrote.

That’s why you need to optimize your content for Users too! It should be natural. Search engines like to rank natural content. The content which is unique and made to help users.

I’ve created this article for the same purpose. Yes, to teach you that how to naturally write your article while Optimizing it for search engines too! Let us start with the first point.

1. Forget about keyword density

There is nothing like keyword density. It’s just a myth according to me. Articles on my site rank for the desired keywords. Let me tell you one thing. I never care about the keyword density while writing articles.

My site contains only 23 Articles and for 120 keywords, It is ranking in top 100 results in google. Here is the proof about that,

Google Search Keyword Position

It is ranking in top 100 for 120 Keywords worldwide. We can say that on an average, each article has secured it’s position in top 100 results for 5 keywords each.
It is a huge number. There are some keywords having huge search volume.

Telling you again, I never thought about keyword density while writing this articles at all. All I was knowing while writing article was it should be best when users read it.

2. Story Telling still works!

Yeah, really it works. This technique is used by almost every internet marketer. Whether you take Neil Patel or Rand Fishkin. Every marketer uses this technique to make their readers struck with content they wrote.

Story telling makes your article interesting. It will attract other readers too and also, You will get more social media shares by telling your story on any topic.

Stories will involve emotions. If you will read any article having the story in it, you will read it till bottom because you will be curious to know what happens next!
Actually, Stories has the power to engage readers with your article. They will share the article more if it will contain story.

3.  Target Group of Keywords Instead of single keyword

Now you will say, What will happen if I will target only 1 keyword? My answer will be it will look unnatural. You will ask how? I will give you example like,
There are many techniques to make backlinks. You can make backlinks with backlink builder. You can also make backlinks by publishing Infographics. You can also make backlinks by guest posting on good blogs in the  same niche.

Don’t you think that the above-given paragraph contains the keyword Make backlinks more than it should be? Instead, How about this example, There are many techniques to make backlinks for your blog. Making backlinks with guest posting is a great method. There are also some backlink builder tools by which you can get backlinks. Publishing  Infographics is always the best method to get High quality backlinks.

Yeah, I know you found the second one more interesting than the first one. It clearly means that Second one contains more then 1 targeted keywords, Moreover it is interesting.

There are also many more benefits of targeting group of keywords instead of single keyword. Let me solve one confusion you are having. Targeting group of keywords means you have to target Long term keywords.

It is because, Long tail keyword will have low competition in comparison with short keywords. You can rank your article on long tail keywords easily in comparison with short keywords. If you will target group of long tail keywords rather than targeting one shor keyword, You will get targeted traffic because you will be ranking on long tail keywords.

Moreover, You will get equal traffic. Yes, Traffic of individual long tail keyword will be low but adding all of them will give you lots of traffic.
Not only this, but it will make your articles interesting for users. By this way, you can make natural but SEO optimized article.

Wrapping it up:

As you know, If users will like your article, Search engines will like too! Still you have to make them search engine friendly so that search engines can understand what you wrote. These techniques will always help you to do so.

Search engines know each and every thing about your article. Even that you wrote it naturally or not. That’s why, Forget about keyword density because nowadays, search engines are smarter than us. If we will write articles that is liked and shared by users, Search engines will rank your articles on the first page.




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