Build Transparency around Social Ads through Custom Audience List

As a digital marketer, my life has always been a roller coaster. I need to generate content, get the design prepared for social channels and then share them with the relevant audience.

Often, I come across the situation where I feel like that something is missing while targeting the potential consumer base. I fear whether or not my advertisements, as part of my social media marketing campaigns, are reaching the right audience and I would like to prefer leading digital marketing agency in Austin to get perfect results.

Social Media Marketing

Suppose a company schedule Facebook ads to promote its enterprise solutions, the expert marketers will guarantee that target audience includes entrepreneurs and new businesses, and they don’t miss viewing anything from the social media advertisement campaigns.

Despite maximum customization, like every other passionate marketer, I keep looking for new strategies and insights converging at marketing, technology and management fronts. It is important to deliver the users more transparency about the ads they see on their social News Feed. Accountability around your advertising efforts is also an essential element while engaging with the prospective customers.

The EU’s GDPR guidelines are going to reinforce the impact of recently announced Facebook updates – telling the users why they are viewing specific ads and the source behind the custom audience list the advertiser used; whether he reached them through their email addresses or mobile numbers.

Custom Audience Targeting – New Requirements to Follow:

Your business success rests with targeting the right audience at the right time and with the help of right ads. It’s necessary because of the lookalike audience – people resembling your contacts on the Facebook or website visitors.

For better results against your standard advertising KPIs, you need to focus on the customized list of users. Lookalike and remarketing audience can also be used as the customization options as you enlist your audience for a specific ad. But, with the recent Facebook custom audience update you have to go for target ads for which you need to dwell into custom audience list information.

Going to be implemented from July 2nd this year, the Facebook update about the requirements advertisers need to fulfill while targeting the custom audience has three primary aspects. These include:

Showing Facebook users from where the target audience information is originated

that an advertiser uses while uploading the new audience for promotional ads. Again, Facebook mentions three options while selecting the data origin including;

  • Directly from customers
  • Directly from partners
  • Customers and partners

All this information appears by default in the drop-down menu of each Facebook ad. In this way, Facebook is going to add transparency to the promotional ads. It’s an excellent way for the amateur digital marketers to understand how social media advertisements help in business branding and strengthening the sales funnel.

Do you know the best part? People can use the Ad Preferences feature to control what they want to see and what not. In this way, they can fully manage their New Feed updates, but they will remain on the advertisers custom list.

Custom Audience sharing requirements must be fulfilled the moment an advertiser

tend to share tailored audiences from the consumer file that might be shared from the third party such as an advertising agency.
Now, not only the admin of Facebook business page and hence the Ads Manager, but anyone on the ad account needs to accept the terms while uploading the custom audiences.

Enlisted below are the primary shared-audience responsibilities one has to agree with to develop an overwhelming audience-sharing relationship for improved outcomes.

  • Advertisers should seek audience permission before using and sharing their information.
  • Even if you share these details with the third-party, say an advertising firm, to run ads for the business promotion you are still liable to the Facebook laws and terms.

Final Thought:

An advertiser can achieve remarkable results from ad targeting based on custom audience list if he observes all the nitty-gritty of this latest Facebook update. It brings great value both for the businesses and their potential consumers. This is how Facebook while protecting the users’ rights, will allow the digital marketers to add transparency and accountability to their advertising efforts.

It’s high time for the social media marketers to reconsider how they have to engage with the target customer for improved ROI.