How length of your content affects ranking and traffic of your site

Does content length affect rankings and traffic?

The answer will be Yes, Nowadays many bloggers don’t believe that but still, content length affect rankings. In this article, I am going to discus how length of content affects SEO ranking.

Yeah, content length also differs with the niche. I want to say that If you want to rank on Any tricks keyword like Trick to make fake virus then you don’t need to create lots of content because in that niche, you can rank with less content also.

It is because, the sites you will get as competitors are not authority sites. Moreover, some of them will be sub-domains provided by sites like and

How Length of Content Affects SEO Rankings

So, the stats I am going to show you is for the all types of blogs excluding some niches like Tricks, Recharge tricks, Hacking tricks.

When It comes to Search engine marketing or Search engine optimization, Content is the main thing you need to focus on! If you have high-end content then there are more chances to get higher rankings.

You’ve read this term many times “Unique content“. Yeah, If you don’t know the meaning of unique content then let me explain you this in short.

Unique content means the content which is different than the others. You’ve passed Copyscape doesn’t mean that your content is unique. The Uniqueness comes when you add something in it like techniques and tricks which can’t be found on other articles. This is called unique content.

Now, Let us see how the length of the content affect the number of social shares. Each social share will drive traffic to your site. More social shares you get, more will be the traffic to your site.

1. How length of content affects social shares

If your content will be long and very easy to read, you will get higher number of social shares. Yes, it also depends on the headlines of your articles. Let me show you that which type of headlines will help you to get more attention and traffic from social media. According to the research done by Conductor  headlines having numbers in it will help you to get more attention and number of clicks to your article. In short, If you will write List posts then you will get higher traffic from social media.

Headlines containing Number, Reader addressing and How to will really help you to get higher traffic and attention from social media.

You can see the below Buzzsumo most shared content image that shows 3 out of top 4 results for “SEO Tips” have a number in Headline.

How Length Of Content Affects BuzzSumo Shares Example

Now, Let us discus the length of content affects number of social shares.

As per SEO expert Neil Patel ideal length of the article is above 1500 words.

It differs from website to website, but the average remains the same.

If your article contains more than 1500 words then there will be the huge change in a number of social shares. So, it is always good to write long copy because it will also help you to get higher rankings in SERPs. Let me show you how.

2. How content length affects rankings

Length of the content surely affects rankings and this funda started with the rise of the search engine itself. More content you write, More will be the rankings of your site. It was not much important before some years but nowadays, content is must.

Before some years, you just have to write some content and have to make some good backlinks to that content. that’s all, you can rank for any keyword. Now, the things are changed.

If you will write your content naturally, you will get ranked where backlinks don’t matter a much.

More content always wins the race in every niche except some niches like tricks and hacks. As you already know that more content means more social shares and also more content means more rankings too! It means that if you will write more content in your copy then you are going to get more traffic from search engine as well as from social media.

If you are thinking that more content will make article boring then you are thinking wrong. You can take Wikipedia as example. Wikipedia writes thousands on words in a single article then also its very popular for content and information. Those who really wants to go deep in any topic will read your content.

One more thing you need to improve is writing style. You content should be very easy to read and understand for users. It is very imortant thing. If you are blogger, you know Neil patel. He writes more then 4000 words per article but still, His content is very easy to read and that’s why he is successful in this field.

Conclusion : Content was/is/will be the king. Moreover, Not only the content but Unique content will be the king. Optimal content length is 1500-2500 word and with this length, you will get more social shares and more rankings in most niches.

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