How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can impact SEO

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique used by digital marketers to improve the organic traffic on the website. Now, what is organic traffic? The traffic that is free of cost and is generated by good SEO techniques is the organic traffic.

SEO helps in building a good quality and sustainable traffic for websites.

Before interconnecting artificial intelligence and machine learning to SEO, let us first discuss about the meaning of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Artificial intelligence is a broad term that deals with replication of human behaviour by machines. It helps in making intelligent machines.

On the other hand, machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that helps in predicting the outcomes by using past experiencesMachine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can impact SEO

Why is SEO Important?

Now let us get an insight of how SEO is important. As we all know that billions of searches are being made by the users all over the world. Imagine google like a huge library that has millions of books. The searches of Google are based on the algorithms that ranks search result based on the most relevant websites.

So there is a cut throat competition when it comes to ranking at the top of the search results. Here comes the role of Search Engine Optimisation. SEO optimises the results based on keywords and provide the best results to the user.

Types of SEO

SEO can be broadly classified into two types: White hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Let us discuss them in brief.

White Hat SEO

In case of white hat SEO, we use the ethical techniques to generate the traffic of our website. It includes creating high quality data, url optimisation, link building etc. The wholesomeness level of white hat SEO is very high. SEO generate a gradual, slow and steady traffic for your website. But the traffic is genuine and long lasting.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO uses unethical techniques to get to the top of search results. It utilizes the weaknesses of the search engine algorithms. The wholesomeness level of blackhat SEO is very less. The techniques used in black hat SEO are url spamming, keyword stuffing etc.

You can expect good results in terms of rankings but the results are short term and not long lasting.

Having enough knowledge about AI, machine learning and SEO let us discuss about artificial intelligence and machine learning impacts SEO.

Intention behind search will be more important

When we enter a query in the search engine, we use certain keywords about what we want the search engine to do for us. Artificial intelligence systems have become so powerful these days that they can understand the intent behind the search and show the result that are more relevant to you.

Moreover, in addition to this, they suggest you the best possible queries.

SEO data will work in real time

With the advancement of the artificial intelligence applications, organizations can update their data in real time. Taking an example of taxi booking apps that update the prices according to your location, traveling distance, time of day, number of booking in that particular route.

By working on real-time data, the systems become more effective and efficient. Machine learning applications help in introducing the concept of real-time in Search Engine Optimisation.

AI Powered Chatbots

Machine learning as a service has helped in making the customer support better. You might have heard about chatbots. Chatbots are designed using Artificial intelligence using certain algorithms that can understand the queries asked by customers and respond to them with correct answers.

Chatbots are built to be friendly in nature and they help in maintaining a good relationship with the customer. The main advantage of chatbots is that they can provide customer support round the clock and that too without getting irritated.

Content building using Artificial Intelligence

As we all know that content is the key to digital marketing and SEO. So it becomes most important that the content written by you should be relevant, and of good quality. This is because a search engine is constantly in search of good and relevant content.

This also helps in improving the user experience also as the user get most relevant results at the top of the search. Google’s Rank Brain has changed the way digital marketing is done. It can provide results based on the domain and category of the searches.

Voice Searches

As artificial intelligence systems are becoming more and more intelligent. They can understand what you speak and command to them. In the upcoming future, voice searches will replace the way we search from traditional way.

So what does that mean? It means that the searches will become more informal. It will look like that the user is having a conversation with the system. So SEO marketers will have to adapt themselves to changes and make good quality content that AI systems can understand.

Data analysis and interpretation

Take any type of sector – be it healthcare, finance or business. Data is of utmost importance. This is because by analyzing a good processed data, we can interpret the results or outcomes. Artificial intelligence research is going on continuously so we can get good quality structured data.

SEO and digital marketers need to understand the importance of structured data. Structured data also helps search engines to find the more relevant results. It also helps in improving the Click Through Rate. This result in a better user experience and increase in sales.

Decreasing the Load time of websites

We all know how good it looks when we add heavy and high definition images, videos to our websites. It makes websites look interactive and attractive. But it does so at the cost of loading speed of web pages.

This hugely deteriorates the user experience because the user has to wait too most of the cases, the user won’t wait that long and move ahead with other results. This has a bad impact on your reputation as well as sales. In this case, also machine learning applications have come to our rescue. They help in optimizing our images and videos.

They further reduce the load time of the websites making sure that user experience is good.


In the end, we can say that Artificial intelligence and Machine learning as a service has a huge impact on the SEO and that too for all good reasons. It helps in improving the user experience by providing more relevant searches, customer support, voice searches etc. This results in generating good quality and quantity of traffic which is the main aim of SEO.