How To Generate Traffic Through Landing Page Optimization In WordPress?

A landing page is always one of the biggest assets in generating traffic for your WordPress website. The landing pages are known to be high yielding and marketing funnel oriented. They are designed for generating results. However, it is the matter of fact that despite generating results, they can also create blunders.

Once upon a time, there was a website of Mark. He created the website for business which provides repair services. His marketer suggested him that he should make use of the landing page to generate relevant traffic on their website. This will give them more opportunities to convert the interested visitors into their customers. Mark likes the idea and assigned a designer for this task.

A week after the launch, the traffic was dramatically increased. Mark was surprised with the analytics. In the week followed by the launch of the landing page, they haven’t got any sales surge, yet the traffic volume was pretty high. He wondered what happened wrong.

I’ll tell you what happened wrong. The factors are too many and for well-directed results, you need to take care of all these factors. In this post, I will give you a well directed and comprehensive explanation on how you can design and optimize your landing page for your WordPress website.

There will be a quite explicit use of WordPress plugins in order to do that, so be ready for that. Let’s get you started,

Wordpress Landing Page Optimization

WordPress Landing Page Optimization

Understanding The Difference Between A Landing Page & A Homepage.

First, you must understand that landing pages are quite different than your website’s homepage. Your homepage is the centre of your website. It targets most of the keywords.

This is where the major difference lies between a homepage and the landing page. A homepage as I mentioned above target multiple keywords of your website. The landing page must not do the same. Don’t try to work out on multiple keywords for your landing pages. Understand this, you use a landing page which is directed by one of your paid ad like the Facebook ad or Google ad. These ads draw the relevant audience to the landing page. This landing page must cater only the relevant information which your user wants.

This is the core difference between a homepage and a landing page. Landing pages are deemed to have targeted effect. Now, let’s move forward to the direct effects of how you can design landing pages for your WordPress website to get increased website traffic.

Creating A Landing Page For Your WordPress Website

Creating a landing page for your WordPress website is an easy as a pie. There is more than one way to create a landing page for your website. You can either use a WordPress plugin or a WordPress theme, or you can opt for paid services that will design your landing page for you.

Let’s discuss them in detail here,

  • Using WordPress Plugins

We all are pretty familiar with how to use a WordPress plugin. For developing a landing page for your website, all you need to know is the name of the plugin. Search it in the WordPress plugin directory. Install it and then activate it.

Once you activate it, you can design it according to your needs and then you are good to go. As you are done with the designing part, you can split test them and check which of them is high yielding.

  • Simply Install A WordPress Theme

You can also design your landing page with the help of a right WordPress Theme. Any drag and drop theme will be ideal for designing your landing page.

  • Looking For A Paid Option?

If you are lazy enough, then there is a third option. You can also opt for Leadpages or Lander. Both of them are paid. They will help you in creating landing pages more easily by granular steps. At max, it will take 30 minutes for you to create and run a landing page. All you need to do is choose a template and then tweak them according to your needs and requirements.

Optimizing The Landing Pages For Maximum Yield

Creating landing pages is one thing and optimizing it to generate results is another. With the right approach, you can make your landing page high yielding and target penetrating. Let’s have a look at the points below and optimize your landing page the right way,

  • Squeeze A Keyword In The URL

A URL may seem just an address but it is way too important than that. The relevance and the formation of a URL address can make or unmake the visibility of your landing page. A jumbled URL always tend to confuse the potential user. Make some sense out of your URL as well. Insert one of your primary keyword in it which is most relevant to it. Rest assured, you will see magic!!!

  • Focus On One And Only One Goal

Divided focus yield divided results. A mixed bag of the result is similar to no result at all. Focus your landing page on one goal only. Keep the Call To Action Button only one in number and rest assured. When your visitor is not confused, the results will be more than merrier. Keep it one and as simple and direct as you can.

  • Try To Get Inside Your Visitor’s Head

Anticipate your visitor’s mindset and tackle it surrogate. Keep your message targeted for their subconscious. When you target the subconscious of your audience, they tend to react without the further push. All you need to do is tap in into one of their emotional aspects and see the transformation.

  • Make Sure Of The Consistency Of Your Design

The design of your landing page must be consistent with your website homepage. A variant design on the landing page will definitely confuse the audience which will not end well for you. Keep the layout simple and consistent in order to motivate the visitor to convert. Conversion is the only point of your landing page and over designing the landing page will overwhelm your visitor.

What Do You Learn From This?

So, optimizing your landing page is a never-ending process. Always keep split testing the pages to gain insight for maximum positive results.

I hope the above tips will help you in your cause. Did I miss something? Let me know via comments. Till then, have a great day ahead and Good Luck with your campaign!!!



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