How to Get More Fans on Facebook Page

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social networking site to ever exist in the world. Today, millions of users hang out in Facebook daily. In fact, statistics say that the number of Facebook users to date can already make up one of the biggest countries in the world.

But aside from merely using the site for communication, Facebook has been innovating to make the site more appealing. Recently, internet marketers have come in a state of frenzy with the launching of the site’s Fan Page tool.

These Fan Pages have been found to be an effective tool to promote sites and even businesses, but one way to make this happen is to gather relevant number of fans to whom you can promote your page to. Here are some of the ways on how you can gather more fans on your Facebook page.

Facebook Likes

Establish a Credible Page

First thing’s first, you need to create a page. Building one may come as a breeze but there also has to be a great deal of time spent in building a catchy page.

One way to do this is by adding an eye catching profile photo for your page. This profile photo is the one thing that users would actually see when your page appears on their screen, so it has to be unique. You can even put your company’s logo for a dash of credibility.

Take time to make your own cover photo too. Since the space for this photo is quite large, it may just be a good place to put on the important details you would like to share with your network of friends. You can add contact details, important quotes and links to your other pages as well.

Mainly, you just need to be honest with the contents of your fan page in order to help build your reputation; add truthful descriptions as well.

Maintain the Page

Establishing a credible page is a one shot deal to attracting users to view your page and to like it too, but, the challenge comes with maintaining it.

In order to keep fans coming, it will be helpful to post actively on your page. To release the boring side of it, post contents that are relevant to what you are promoting. It does not have to talk about your site all the time, it just has to have a fun side to it, connecting to your site in the end. Do status updates from time to time in order to keep it alive but just post relevant ones.

You can also add surveys and quizzes from time to time. This will encourage users to spend some time on your page. If your surveys and quizzes are interesting, your fans might even refer your site to their friends thus garnering additional traffic.

Throwing out questions would also help to keep your page alive. By asking questions, your fans are encouraged to participate and interact with you and one another. Once their friends have read about comments on your page, they might come to be encouraged to like it too in order to get a share of the fun.

Hold Contests from Time to Time

Contests are really fan-grabbing. The idea of getting something out of liking your page is really a simple thing to individuals while its overall impact to you is huge.

Hold contests that will help promote your site. For instance, you can try a photo tagging contest. It may look simple but it can already rekindle the spark of interests from other users who are not your fans but have been tagged. This is an effective way of bringing awareness to your page.

Suggest Page to Friends

Facebook makes it easier to connect to friends. Use this to your advantage in promoting your site. Here are some of the ways on how you can succeed with this.

  1. Start with your own circle of friends. If you are just testing the waters in promoting your page, you can start suggesting it with your own circle. It is easier to ask help from people whom you have known for long time because the chances of getting rejected are quite slim.

  2. Once you have shared your site with your friends, politely ask them to share the page to their friends too. This way, your page will reach a wider target population with the people that you may not reach out to yourself.

  3. Ask popular friends to share your page. This may seem funny but this is effective. The thing about Facebook is that it tends to create local celebrities in its own realm. Do you have a friend who gathers hundreds of likes by posting their selfies? Then they might be the ones who can help you a lot. Asking these friends to post your page may create a big impact because their influence may help.

  4. Email friends who are still not in Facebook too. Yes, there are still people who don’t use Facebook. Reach out to them by sending them emails linking them to your page. Who knows, you might just be that one friend who can push them to create an account.

Use Your Other Social Media Profiles to Link with Facebook

The thing about social media sites is that you can link one profile to another. Take advantage of this benefit by providing a link to your page on your other social media networking profiles. Some of your friends who have not visited your page may just find it convenient to just click the links you have provided, thus increasing your fans.

Suggest Page but Never Over Promote

In your sites and social media profiles, you can suggest your Facebook fan page from time to time. Yet, be very careful of not appearing to be over promoting your site. Instead of posting annoying links that may swarm other people’s newsfeeds, try to post a link of your page on the site. This way, your friends have the freedom to choose to click without getting disappointed by your overly promoted schemes.


Getting more fans on a Facebook page is easy. Just a single viral post may keep fans coming. However, this is not a one-shot deal. You need to build your own credibility while maintaining the page in order to keep them visiting and promoting your page.

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