How to make your content More interesting for Users

You are writing content for users. It means that users should like the content written by you. If they will like your content, they will revert back to your site whenever they will need more information about the topic you wrote.

Main thing is content should be interesting. As no one will like boring content and even search engines does not like boring content. Yes, Search engines know that which content is being liked by users and which is not.

There are many algorithms Google developed to know how much content is interesting. For example, If user is searching something in google. Let it be the keyword Search engine optimization and user visited the first site. He doesn’t liked the content, he came back to the google’s page visited the second site. He didn’t liked the content on second site too!

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Similarly, He is not getting what he wants on many sites. Google records this things and counts the bounce rate of each and every site on SERPs. According to your bounce rate, you will get ranked in search engine result pages.

Let me clear one myth. You might have read on some sites that If your bounce rate is higher, you will not get ranked. But, It’s not completely true. It is because search engine don’t know the overall bounce rate of your site. Search engines just know the bounces occurred from the SERPs.

To make it easier, let me explain you with example which we discussed above. From the results we got by searching Search engine optimization in google, from 100 visitors, if 80 comes back to the google’s page after visiting the first site, Google can know that from 100 visitors, 80 are not satisfied with the content written in the first result. It means that bounce rate of the site is 80%. After the next update, That site will not rank on the first position, Instead the one having less bounce rate will rank.

It means that bounce rate of the visitors visited from search engine matters more than one who visited directly or from other sources except Search engines.

Moreover, Google’s some alogrithm can make the meaning of the content written on the site. And whole rankings are based on total of 200+ Ranking factors. But content is must. More your content is liked by users, more rankings you will get.

Here in this article, I am going to show you how to make your content interesting that users like to get higher rankings in search engine result pages. So, Let me show you in brief first, Later I am going to show you all the topics in detail.

  • Story Telling
  • Length of Paragraph
  • Users Like to read unique stuff
  • Types of Sentences you write

To make your content more interesting, you need to know about the above given brief topics. These are the factors on which your visitors decide that your content is King or not. Let me explain you all of them in detail.

1. Storytelling works best

Who doesn’t likes good stories? You and me also like story if it is connected with the topic which is being discussed by us. For example, I am writing the article to show you that how to make your content more interesting to get users attention.

There might be some good stories and good things happened with me when it comes to content writing style and it’s interestingness.

If you are writing on any topic, users assume that you know everything about it and you should! If you know everything about that, there should be some events and happenings and stories connected with you and the topic. You can write them in your content. It works fine and users like it a lot.

If you are into SEO and marketing, you might read neil patel’s blogs Mainly Quicksprout   and He is very good at Storytelling. Due to which I like the content written by him. There are many more reasons being his fan, I will cover rest in next sections of the article.

So, Finally, Storytelling is something you should consider while writing articles on your blog.

2. Length of Paragraph

Users Don’t want to get struck in the paragraphs finding where they were once they lost their attention. Moreover, Single Paragraph covers a single thing we want user to understand. If you are one who writes long paragraphs, You might have more bounce rate.

You can see the length of the content written in this article. Each paragraph has maximum of 3-4 sentences and explains each and everything about the stuff I am talking about in the paragraph. That’s why users like my content.

Problem with writing long paragraphs is users have to remember whole text until the paragraph is completed to know what do you want to explain. Benefit of writing short paragraphs is users don’t have to remember much about that you want to explain.

They will just go through the paragraph once and they will come to know what do you want to explain them using the specific paragraph.

They didn’t get struck in-between the paragraphs. While it depends on your niche as well as the profession of your Readers, But short paragraphs work great for me. If you are one sho writes long paragraphs, you should consider writing short ones and give one try to it.

3. Users Like to read unique content, Don’t hammer them

Hammer the head. If you do keyword stuffing or write articles for thesearch engine, you know what I mean. Just think, you are looking for some important information and the one who wrote the article is entering keywords in the article wherever it is possible.

You’ll like that? Probably no. It is because no one likes to read one word or group of words for many times in the same article. In fact, some of the bloggers are so talented that they can take keyword density up to5-10% but they don’t think about the user experience.

What they need is just traffic from search engines. If you are one, let me tell you that you will rank for some time (oh sorry, I mean some weeks) and after that, You will find your site at xx-xxxth page for the keyword you have targeted.

Because You might get hit by the Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. That algorithm by google can understand the meaning of the word or group of thewords you wrote.

4. If possible, make independent sentences

If you will write articles that are interconnected with each other and that connection last for 4-5 such sentences, users will feel your article boring because they need to remember what you told in the previous sentence and also what you are telling in current one.

To solve that error, you can write thelong but independent sentence and according to my experience, they will like that format. Because, in this case, they don’t have to remember what you told them in the previous Paragraph. They will just enjoy the content you wrote.

For example, There is the sentence which covers 4-5 lines of paragraph, You’ve to store all the things that has been written in the 4-5 lines to understand the meaning of the sentence. Instead of that, There are 4 sentences in 1 paragraph then you’ll enjoy it because we don’t have to remember whole 3-4 lines.

In short, Independent sentences and short paragraphs always rocks. Even you like such format in the article written by others. So, be sure that your users are not getting bored while reading your articles.

Conclusion : If your user will like the content you wrote, Search engine is definitely going to like that. There are many algorithms and programs that track the activity of the visitor and if the user is not satisfied with the content you wrote, google will come to know about that and you will not able to rank on the top of the google.

Finally, you have to write the content that your users like, If your content is being liked by your visitors, google will rank you on the top of the other search results.



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