How to make your newly made site ready to rank on SERPs

So, you want to make a new site and expecting it to rank on every targeted keywords

Sure, you can do that easily. You have to take care of some metrics of your newly made site and I am going to explain you all this in same article.

We all want to rank every site on the top of the google. There are some steps you have to follow to make your site ready to rank on the search engines.

Rank on SERPs

Here are few points we will learn in this article.

● Connecting your site with Webmaster Tools and Benefits!

● Make your code simple and site faster

● Install Essential Plugins to make SEO easier (Personally recommended)

● Finally, Track your SEO performance

So, I am going to explain you all this points in detail. Let us start with the first one.

1. Connecting your site with Webmaster tools and It’s benefits.

First thing you have to do is to connect your website with Webmaster tools or Search console provided by Google. Let me tell you the benefits of submitting your site to Search console or webmaster tools.

Google Webmaster Tools Setup

The method is very much easy and I am going to explain you to make it more easier. Let us start it step wise.

Step 1: ​ First of all, Login to your Search console account, It is google’s own product so you have to enter your google login ID and password to login.

Once, you will get logged in, you can add your site by clicking on the ​ Add a property​ button with Red background.

Google Webmaster Tools Add PropertyBy clicking on it, Search console will ask you to enter the complete URL of your blog/site. Enter the complete URL including http:// or https:// whatever you have. Just like below given image:

Google Webmaster Tools Adding Site

After doing that, just click on the continue button and you are done with the step one.

Step 2:​ After doing that much, Now you will be told to enter the Meta tag in your website code between ​ <head>…</head> ​ ​ Section of your site.

You can get this method by clicking on Alternate methods ​ Just like below given image:

Google Webmaster Tools Site Verify

After clicking on Alternate methods, you have to select ​ HTML tag​ option from the list of four options.

Google Webmaster Tools Site Verify Alternative Methods

If your site is custom made, you can do that by pasting that meta tag anywhere between <head>…</head> of your site’s homepage. Tag on every page isn’t important.

If you have site made up with wordpress, you might have some problems regarding this because you may not find head section of your site.

You can solve this by Adding that code into header.php file.

Select the file Editor form wordpress Dashboard.

Wordpress Editor Selection


Now select the header.php file paste the code and save by clicking update file button.

Wordpress Editor Header. PHP Selection

Wordpress Editor Header.php Update

Or if you are using All in one SEO plugin, you can add it in Additional home headers or something similar to that.

Congrats, Now you are done, Now save your website and be sure that code exist. After that click on ​ Verify​ button with red background and you should get Congratulations message.

Finally, your site is on webmaster tools or search console but the work is still left, you have to add sitemap of your site and have to submit that sitemap to google.

Google Webmaster Tools Select Sitemap

Google Webmaster Tools Add SiteMap

You can do that by yourself because you can find quick guide from google to do that whenever you will add a property.

2. Make your code simple and site faster

I am not telling that make your site faster only at startup but your site should be faster in every stage. I mean, No matter what is the age of site, your site should be as faster as possible.

To make it faster, only one thing you can do is to make it’s code as simple as possible. Problem with complex code will be it will become hard for search engine to determine the current section of the page and google don’t want to mess up with your site.

If you want to rank on the google’s SERPs then you have to make your site load faster. Now one question will arise, How to know that which script to remove and which one is taking too much time to get loaded?

For that, you have to see waterfall of your site from ​​ . Just open that link in new tab and enter your url and let it do speed test of your site.

Once it is done, you will see the speed of your site and after that, you will see the Water fall of your site. Just like below given image.

Site Speed Test

In waterfall, you will get all the requests done to the server to get files loaded. For each request, there will be specific loading time and addition of all such loading times will be the loading time of your whole page.

Now, what you have to do is to remove or replace the files that are not bigger in size but taking lot of time to get loaded. In the above given test of, I found some files having such characteristics.

They were facebook like box and all that scripts. I just removed them and My site speed was boosted up much. You can do same for your site and you will see quick boost up in loading time of your site.

Site’s loading time is very much important and it should be as fast as possible.

3. Install Essential plugins to make SEO easier

If you are using wordpress, you can make the process to add meta description and all other meta tags very easy by installing plugins

Morever, you can have control to clean your database and also compressing images whenever they are uploaded. Let me give you the list of the plugins you should have when you are starting up your site.

1. Yoast SEO or All in one SEO

Of-course, both of them are very powerful and best at their work. But I use All in one SEO on my sites because I find it  more easier in comparsion with Yoast SEO.

All in one SEO Plugin Install

You need this Plugin because by using this plugin, you can add custom meta tags on each of your posts, pages and all other things which is essential for your blog’s coding part of SEO.

That includes creating Sitemaps and updating it, also setting up your site’s  meta tags structure according to page type and all.

Finally, you should have one of these plugins to make your some work easy.

2. Better Delete Revision

Better delete revision is one of the best plugin I have ever saw on the wordpress to clean un-wanted data from your database. It is because it will delete every revision you will create while updating wordpress.


Better Delete Revision Plugin Install

To understand what this plugin really does, you have to understand what Is Revision in wordpress. Whenever you click on “Update” button while creating or updating your currently published or non-published article, you will create Revision.

Your article will be updated but old one will be still stored in your database. To remove that lots of un-wanted cntent, you can use Better delete revision plugin.

3. Smush It

You need to compress the image size when you upload it on your site to make your site faster. To compress your images, you can use Smush It plugin.

WP Smush It Plugin Install

What you have to do is to install that plugin and you are done. Now, whenever you will upload any image on your wordpress, it will automatically compress it without asking you.

It will compress any image till it’s limit if you want to compress your image more, Just pass your image through and you will get your image very much compressed.

I personally recommend you to use this plugins and make your SEO work easy on site.

4. Finally, track your SEO performance

You did all this and assuming that you are writing content on your site. You can track your SEO performance by using Search console Itself and google analytics too, if you use it.

For your SEO performance tracking, I Recommend you the following Tools for Following Metrics of your site with it’s importance.

1. Ahrefs – For tracking than number of backlinks. It is because ahrefs crawlers are very fast and they are expert  in tracking backlinks.

Ahrefs Backlink Explorer

2. Open site Explorer – Use Open site explorer to track your DA and PA. They are taken into consideration while ranking.

OpensiteExplorer Backlink Checker

3. Majestic SEO – Use Majestic SEO to check TF and CF of your domain. It is not much important but it  might be in some cases.

MajesticSEO Backlink Explorer

4. Search console – Yeahh! Google search console will help you to track your positions for keywords in Google. They will not be much accurate but acceptable as free and unlimited.

Conclusion : ​ It is very much important to optimize your site before actually starting it up for SEO. There are some changes you can’t do once you started writing blog or started making pages.
You can do that things now and make it more SEO friendly. I hope you got how to make your newly made site rank on the top of the google.


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