How to use LinkedIn for Local Marketing

Paid search is the strongest form of marketing on the internet. It can help you reach billions of people across the globe. Using paid search can generate exponential amounts of traffic for your website in no time. However, a large amount of traffic is not always good. Instead, professional digital marketers prefer having a fine-tuned increase in the amount of traffic with great click to conversion ratio.

Linkedin Local Marketing Tips

The world’s top digital marketers leverage the social media platforms and local marketing tools to control the amount of traffic and get sales-ready leads for their sales teams. You can start using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to fortify your local marketing campaigns with excellent click to conversion ratios. LinkedIn is by far the largest network of professionals on the internet. With 250 million active monthly users LinkedIn allows you to easily target a huge population of the B2B segment. (Source)

Here are 10 tips on How to use LinkedIn that boost your LinkedIn ads for local marketing techniques.

  1. Share Locally Relevant Content

By sharing locally relevant content you can attract an audience from your target locality. Are you targeting the audience from the US? You should share content that is relevant to the US audience even if you belong to some other country.

There are two different types of posts that you can share on LinkedIn today. These include updates and long-form publisher posts. Tagging the local individuals in the posts/updates is one great way to attract the attention of all the people who are connected to those individuals. Several people encourage you to tag them in posts since this process is mutually beneficial. While you, the tagger gets the benefits of reaching out to more local people, the tagged person gets the chance of growing his/her network in a more effective manner.

2.  Interact with Local Groups and Communities

Joining local groups is the best way to interact with people from the target community. You can find several groups on LinkedIn that have participants belonging to a particular city, state or country. You can join this group to connect with new people from the target locality.

Local Groups and Communities

You should not shy away from sending connection requests and direct in-mails to the most influential people in the group to grow your network. Shyness and marketing/sales do not go hand in hand. It is important for you to keep the fact in mind that all people who create LinkedIn profiles want to grow their professional networks. They want to connect with new people and conduct a barter of knowledge. No one on the platform can claim to know everything. With an open and receptive mindset, you will see a surge in the overall growth of your personality as well as knowledge on the platform.

3 .  Generate Locally Relatable Content

To capture the attention of the target locality, you need to curate content that people can relate to. For example, people in the US will be able to relate better to the success stories of Walmart due to its extensive market presence. On the other hand, Walmart will raise the ears of only a few people in the Indian market. Similarly, the growth of Flipkart is an exciting concept for the Indian public. However, it is not exactly entertaining for the US audience.

By generating locally relatable content, you will quickly see a great surge in the click rate from the target demographic. Make sure that you back the content up with a promotional tone, tonnes of hyperlinks, a great product/service and a solid sales plan. You need to have the complete ecosystem of a sales cycle ready to convert all the prospects that show interest in your content.

4.  Keep Tabs on the Latest Local News

Memes are the most trending items on the social media platforms. Teenagers and even adults love sharing memes and other funny images on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is popular for its professionalism. You may find occasional counts of humour on the platform, however, most posts on it are meant for the professionals.

local news

You can share the relevant local news articles on the LinkedIn platform to capture the attention of the local public. Keep tabs on the local news of the target demographic to share the news on your profile first. The first come first serve basis will help you capture the attention of the local audience quickly.

5.  Use Google Trends to Keep Tabs on the Most Happening Things

The news is just one of the several aspects that you need to keep track of on LinkedIn. You might also want to keep tabs on the local trends for a particular demographic to grow connections in the audience. Google Trends is a free online tool that can help you keep tabs on the trends from various places across the globe. You can set a custom location for the target demographic and keep a track of the news for that location.

6.   Make Stronger Local Connections

Growing your personal network is the fastest way to make your local marketing efforts more effective. You can add filters to your search and select the contacts from a particular country/state on LinkedIn. Add them as connections or send them personalized messages so that they accept your connection request quickly.
Targeting the most influential people in the right demographic is the best way to grow your connections. You can ask these people to help you connect with other people and thereby grow your network with the ripple effect. Make sure that you offer something in return for their connection request so that the benefits of the barter system stay intact. Offering them something as small as an e-book will help you grow faster in the local network.

7.  Choose a Market and Run Demographically Targeted Ads

Choosing the right market is one of the biggest challenges faced by a digital marketer. It is easy to lose hope on a market quickly if you don’t see consistent returns with your marketing campaigns. To make sure that your campaigns stay relevant to the market, you need to implement strong and well-defined strategies for a consistent period.

Defining a fixed timeline to measure the success/failure of the campaign will help you stick to the goal for a longer period. You can also set micro-goals for yourself to establish a stronghold in the local market. These goals will help you correct the course in case you start to lose hope and deviate from your path for the local marketing efforts.

8.  Create Humorous Content

The best way to capture someone’s attention is to make them smile. Humorous content works great with all different types of audience. Witty content works even better. Segregating your content based on the local reach is a good idea. Breaking it down further for professionals from different lines of work is even better.

Humorous Content

You can generate a different type of content for people who work in sales and the people who work in human resources. Tackling their day to day problem with humour is the best way to capture their attention. Make sure that you do not use dark humour on the LinkedIn platform since most people will not appreciate it. Instead, you can focus on the use of light-hearted humour. Focussing on a highly specific use-case or problem statement is always better than creating generic content for the audience.

9.  Install Local Tags in Your Content with Local SEO

By installing local tags in your content, you can optimize it for the local SEO campaigns. Your content will pop-up more frequently on the screens of people who belong to the set demographic. You can install local tags on the long publisher articles and use hashtags for the smaller posts to attract the audience. Let’s take a small example here.

Let’s say that you are trying to sell a CRM software in the US education market. You created a nifty post for the student enrolment process and how your CRM can provide the best solution to plug holes in the sales cycle. Now, you are sharing that article on your LinkedIn profile. You can use hashtags like #AmericanEducation #USEducation to showcase your offer to the target audience.

10.  Interact/Share Local Posts 

If you want people to interact with your post, you need to interact with theirs. Liking and sharing their posts is the finest way to show appreciation. Interaction on LinkedIn is much like a barter system. The more you give to the community, the more you get back. Show appreciation by commenting on good things in their posts. You can also help a connection in need with knowledge or redirect them to a job opportunity by tagging them in relevant posts.

By interacting with local posts, you will slowly create your own unique identity on the platform and connect to the most influential people.

Using these 10 nifty tips will help you win the game of local marketing on LinkedIn. Remember, relevancy of posts is the biggest factor that governs your chances of success/failure on the platform.

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