Link Building through Guest Blogging Tutorial. Their advantages and disadvantages.

Link Building through Guest Blogging

The most promising method for any Search Engine Optimizer is to bring in backlinks to their website’s page. But link building has been a tough task today and many have their own perceptions. However the links build is sought out to be the most determinant factor for ranking in Google and Bing search engines. The one such effective method to build links is guest blogging. Here are some steps to get started to build links through guest blogging.

Advanced Search Options:

The first step before starting up a guest post is to find out the blogs which accept the guest posts and here are some advanced search options which aids you:

  • Your keyword + “guest blog”

  • Your keyword + “guest post”

  • Your keyword + “guest column”

  • Your keyword + “guest article”

  • Your keyword + “become a contributor”

  • Your keyword + “contribute to this site”

  • Your keyword + inurl:category/guest

Link Building through Guest blogging.

If you are unable to find enough blogs right away, try searching for other keywords from different sites. You could also use the Google Blog Search to find blogs pertaining to your industry. Once you acquired a bunch of the keywords then proceed to the next step.

Brainstorm your Ideas:

Write out a handful ideas even it is just a headline. It is very essential to start your idea generation and writing process so early so that blog owners are ready for your blog post.

Target the bloggers:

There are many bloggers who do not advertise that they accept guest blogs or those who have never thought that this could occur. Target these set of bloggers as well and if you run a blog you could invite set of guest bloggers to write guest posts on your blog. There is a great chance that they will link back to you. Conducting interviews of bloggers is also the best way to invite them for guest blogging. On getting the list of targeted bloggers, make a note of them in an excel spreadsheet and note down their corresponding subscriber base, page rank, blogger name and contact details.

Once you have developed the list of bloggers in your industry sort them in a decreasing order based on the number of subscribers. Don’t just determine the Google Page rank for a best blogging site but consider the number of subscribers and the Alexa traffic. If you want to get maximum exposure within a limit period of time, then target the big bloggers. These bloggers have formidable amount of subscribers. Target them one by one. Leave intelligent and insightful comments on their blogs. Follow them up in their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and wherever they are associated with. Help them by bringing in an excellent resource or suggesting an idea to build a good repo. On they getting familiar with you, introduce yourself with them. Tell them about the ones you write, can write about and whether they are interested in a guest post.

Write and optimize your guest posts:

Once you get replies from blog owners then it is time to get into action. Create the content and send it back in a timely manner. Most blog owners would prefer blogs in word document or simple text file which makes them easy to view your articles. Include one or two images to bring in some spice to the blog. Do not include them in the blog but instead attach them in their mail, mentioning the areas where these should be used. It is very essential to make your blog to be loaded faster thereby making it easy for bloggers. You never know this factor could lead your blog to get published sooner than expected.

Note one very important aspect while you write guest blog posts, it is the links to your webpage. Include to the minimum of one or two links leading to your site and this proves to be a great source to generate traffic. Include the links in the form anchor texts with the keywords you want to rank in the search engines.

Measure your results:

Make sure to integrate your blog with analytics package of search engine. This helps you to track your visits, leads and SEO benefits from your guest blog posts. In addition to this ensure that you are making your blog presence along the social media networks and track your posts as they get published. In addition to the link building strategy of your blog, you could witness faster results as readers could click on the links provided in your blog and visit your website and blog.

Link Building by Guest Blogging

Advantages of using guest blogging:

Well all the above points would summarize the benefits of using guest blogging through generating traffic and links to your website. For big sites like shout me load the blogging is a great asset good content is published every time. Guest blogging takes good flight when everything is done perfectly by following the rules and language methodology, but there are certain aspects where guest blogging becomes a blunder.

Disadvantages of Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is the perfect activity to build traffic for blogs, create high quality backlinks, and create reputation and so on. Apart from this guest blogging also pose a danger to both webmasters and guest bloggers. Let us check out some of them:

1. Webmasters:

The audiences have a greater chance to swift from one blog to another. This results in reduction of the traffic generated. Your blog might be useful for the search engines making it crawl frequently but if your users are not interested then starts the downfall.
Guest bloggers sometimes tend to forget the rule for blogging. Instead of creating a new blog they just copy every word from another blog and hence monitoring become a hectic task.
Time management plays a key role and should be used wisely. If you have too many bloggers writing blog posts at the same time then monitoring each blog becomes quite difficult.
Another dipping factor is lack of interest. Once bloggers are addicted to this phenomenon then the results are very much displayed in their blogs.
Lack of quality blogs. Quality in the content makes it to reach across several sites and social media platforms. Simply sharing backlinks in contents instead of an interesting subject would really derail your website’s traffic. Also lack of quality bloggers is another pertaining issue.

2. Guest Bloggers:

Many a times guest bloggers are ignored by the webmasters. Guest blogging people try to contact webmasters and are not given an opportunity to guest post.
Building someone else’s blog with your articles. This is the major problem arising among the bloggers and if they concentrate on their needs and belongings of their particular blog then they could achieve remarkable progress.
Writing fewer articles is a problem. If you want to earn a good reputation then starting posting blogs in a regular manner.
Revenue sharing program, sometimes due to the huge success of any article written by guest blogger allows the webmaster to share a part of the revenue to the bloggers. The revenue shared here is often too low and major part being taken up by the webmaster.
Guest bloggers are bound to write articles on the guidelines of their webmasters and cannot write based on their own.

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