Local SEO Tips – Factors involving in local search results

Local SEO TipsIt is always awesome to start your new business but it is even more when it is top ranked among the local search engine listing. Getting listed is a simple process but staying at the top has become tougher today. This is because of the frequent updates being done by the Search Engines and especially Google which owns the major part of Search Engine has brought quite a number of changes. In the previous year 2014 Google underwent frequent updates and the most significant for local searches being the Pigeon update. This update nearly became the crucifier for the sites poorly optimized in their local search engines. But it is never too late for a better optimization. Here are some factors to make your site awesome.

Link with the right category:

All the businesses offered  might not be the same. For example your site might pertain to a software company or restaurant etc. Hence choose the right ones. This is a pivotal cause for ranking your site among the top. For instance if you are listing your business along the Google Search Engine go to Google My Places and enter your location. Before choosing the appropriate business type, list the suitable keywords. It could be Dental Services if you are a Dentist and so on.

Keywords the Key:

The best part to bring in more traffic to your website is the keyword. Search Engines do not see the visible part of your website but the keyword used. Make an intense research on the phrases to be used and assist search engines to know what you do. For example wholesale utensils, wholesale engine parts etc). If you are targeting a specific region then include that as well in your keywords, for example car dealers in New York. While you select the keywords the pulse of the product or service is important. If you are choosing a keyword which has no search at all then it becomes a wasted effort.

Meta Descriptions and Title:

Proper Meta serves to be a great ranking factor for your site. In brief list the important services provided for each page of your site. Too many sites are failing to include their targeted city in their Meta description and title, don’t be one among them. Remember not to prolong your title and description.
Meta Title: 70 characters,  Meta Description: 160 characters
All your important factors must come within these characters as it is the words which matter first for ranking. For example if you have included San Francisco as your city there is a great possibility that people searching for services in nearby areas could also see yours. If you have a chance to modify your URL then include your location as this brings a good business signal to Google and your costumers. Along with this have a proper URL structure for your home page and inner pages as this becomes easy for both your costumers and Google.

List your site among top business directories:

Once a proper structure is given it is time to get into action. It is a known fact that back links plays a main ranking factor for a website. For SEO the ranking factors would be through blogs, social media, link building. These links are also obtained through top business directory listing. Links from top directories would increase the domain authority of your site and in turn the trust factor. Top business directories are the ones frequently visited by users to find a service and ensure your profile is 100% complete to drive in better business. Some of the reputed sites include:
Google Places
Crunch base
Merchant Circle
All these directories are available according to regions, list yours in the apt ones and witness the boost in rankings.

Get Your NAP right:

NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) are most important for listing your site. These are also called as business citations taken by the search engine. The NAP should be the same for all business directories listed. Search Engines seeks the relevancy of citations and more in number better are the rankings. Pigeon Update of Google got hold of all the duplicate ones and many witnessed drastic changes in their rankings. So be cautious regarding your citations and duplication of your business profiles along directories would prove costly.
The more number of citations from unique sites would also help to boost your ranking.

Third party reviews:

Reviews bring in the trust factor for your website and helps Search Engines to recognize them. Once your site is being visited you could encourage your customers to write in reviews for your products/services. The ranking is better if you have:
Positive reviews on a higher note.
Your profile completion among third party review sites.
Reviews on a frequent basis.
Choosing review sites that have high search engine ranking.
Getting good number of reviews among review sites.

Optimize through Social Media:

If you want more traffic to your site then social media plays a major role. Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn have a great number of users today. You can create a page for your product, service along with your location. Here are some methods to increase your ranking using Social Media
Having your brand page among social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.
More page likes on your Facebook product page.
Have your product or service related keywords, location in your page title.
Having more content shares in Facebook.
More number of +1 in Google Plus page which boosts your page rank along the SERP.
Having internal linking in discussions which directs to your site.
Bring in offers to engage more users among Search Engines.
Associate your page with social profiles of top bloggers and local experts.
Increase the amount of check-ins through mobiles apps.

Go Mobile:

For a local search and check-ins smartphone usage has increased over the years. Today the user activity in mobile phones is doubled compared to the desktops. For a local search of your site you could instill the below:
Make your site mobile friendly with a great user interface, responsive design.
Faster page load time.
Make things interesting to reduce the bounce rate.
Bring in driver locations.
Maintain a great click through ratio by instilling appropriate deep links in your content.
This extensive list of methods is sure to boost your local page ranking, provided there is frequent monitoring. These results are quite time consuming and all it requires is a great amount of patience also these results are bound to fluctuate based on the updates and negative reviews. Remember nothing is impossible if there are consistent efforts put up and this implies to your website ranking as well.

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