Long Tail Pro Review – Maximize Website Traffic with Quality Keyword Research Software

If you are interested in increasing your website earning potential, use this Long Tail Pro review to learn more about one of the top keyword research tools available.

A major part of good SEO (search engine optimization) is the use of long tail keywords. Finding high-traffic keywords with very little competition is essential to maximizing the potential of your website. There are many products available that help you discover the best keywords for your niche market, including Long Tail Pro.

Long Tailpro Review

Long Tail Pro was initially launched in 2011, with the intention of helping businesses find the most profitable keywords. Before purchasing software, it is always a smart idea to learn more about the product.

This in-depth Long Tail Pro review will cover everything you need to know, including the features, resources, and the advantages of using Long Tail Pro to conduct keyword research for any niche.

Primary Features of Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Software

Long Tail Pro provides all the tools that you will need, to uncover high-traffic keywords with the least amount of competition. The use of long tail keywords is still a relevant part of driving traffic to your website. Find out how Long Tail Pro can help you gather the best keywords for your niche:

Long Tail pro Features

  • Search multiple keywords
  • Generate hundreds of results
  • Filter options your keyword searches
  • Automatically find domains for keyword results
  • Explore search competition
  • Competitor analysis features
  • Check site rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Save your favorite keywords

Long Tail Pro Features

With Long Tail Pro, you can create your own projects for keyword research. Search multiple keywords and find up to 800 related long tail keywords. Use filters to refine your search and examine the global search volume.

Using the software is easy. Simply enter your primary keyword and click a button to generate your results. After generating your list of keywords, filter the list down or search for available domain names containing the long tail keywords from your list.

Instantly examine the amount of search queries that each keyword receives, along with information about the level of competition. Look at the top-ranked websites for each keyword, to begin your competition analysis.

Long Tail Pro Keyword Results

To put it simply – Long Tail Pro provides an easy way to find keywords that have a high search volume and minimum competition. It is a great tool, for any entrepreneur that is interested in more traffic, either for a business website or an affiliate site.

Long Tail Pro Review – Advantages

Why should you choose Long Tail Pro over other keyword research tools? Long Tail Pro has a number of advantages that help it stand out from its competition, including:

  1. Simple user interface

  2. Low cost options with a free trial

  3. Money back guarantee

  4. Competition analysis

  5. Compare top ranked websites for any keyword

Long Tail Pro Copetition Explorer

Long Tail Pro Rank Checker

As part of this Long Tail Pro review, make sure that you consider the main advantages of using this software. The user interface is streamlined for ease of use. Even if you have never used a keyword research and analysis product before, you should not have any problem navigating the features and discovering the most profitable keywords for any niche.

When purchasing the software, you can get started with a 10-day free trial, before choosing between two affordable packages. Long Tail Pro also includes a 60-day money back guarantee – so you have nothing to lose.

Now on to the best reasons to choose Long Tail Pro. This software features simple competition analysis, including the ability to compare the top ranked websites for any keyword.

Long Tail Pro review – Disadvantages

Are there any drawbacks to using Long Tail Pro? There are not any major disadvantages to this software, but there are a couple of points that you should consider, before coming to a final conclusion:

  • No phone support
  • Software available to install on up to 3 computers

These two drawbacks are not deal-breakers; though, you should consider them, when coming to a decision whether Long Tail Pro is your best option. While there is no phone support, Long Tail Pro does offer email support via a ticket system and they are quick to resolve any issues.

The other issue is that the software is only available to install on up to 3 computers. For most users, this will not be a problem, but if you have a large marketing or research department, you will be limited in the number of computers that will have access to the software.

Long Tail Pro User Interface

As mentioned, Long Tail Pro has an easy to use interface, so there is no learning curve. Within minutes you can begin exploring long tail keywords. The entire user interface has been streamlined. If you have any trouble using any of the features of Long Tail Pro, there are many resources available to help you out.

Long Tail Pro Pricing

How much is it going to cost to start using Long Tail Pro? If you want to get started today, you can sign up for a free trial – to test the services and determine if you want to use Long Tail Pro. Beyond the free trial, there are two price points:

The free trial is good for 10 days. After that, you will need to choose between the two payment options.

Long Tail Pro Customer Support

If you ever have trouble using the software, you can submit a ticket through the Long Tail Pro support center. All tickets are handled via email and the team at Long Tail Pro is quick to get to the bottom of your problem. Even though they do not provide phone support, you should be able to get any support that you require through the ticket system.

Long Tail Pro Review Final Thoughts

Should you use Long Tail Pro for your keyword research? Long Tail Pro definitely has its strengths. This software uses a simple interface, so that you can easily begin your keyword research. Quickly uncover highly profitable keywords that you can use to increase traffic to your website.

Hopefully this Long Tail pro review was able to shed some light on this keyword research and competitor analysis software. If you are ready to discover the top keywords in any niche, then think about starting your free trial of Long Tail Pro today.