Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird Safe Link Building Methods

LINK BUILDING Tag Cloud (search engine optimization seo)Many marketers claim that link building died with Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, but that simply isn’t the case. These updates did change the process for many marketers, though. In the past, marketers were able to take shortcuts when building links. They used tactics that were bad for Internet users in order to get their sites to the top of the rankings. The updates have punished these unscrupulous advertisers and brought link building back to basics. Now, link building focuses on quality. This is actually great news for website owners. It levels the playing field. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or how large your business is. If you use quality link building strategies, your site will move up in the rankings. It will take some time to get results, but once you get those results, your spot will be yours to lose.

Create Great Content

A link building strategy based on great content will always be in vogue, regardless of the search engine update. Great content makes your site, articles, and blog posts enticing to other site owners. If you can entice people with content, you can get backlinks to your site.

It is important to understand that content has to be original to be great. If you simply find a new way to say an old thing, people will not have a reason to link to your site. Use your expertise to provide new information. People will eat it up and the links will start coming in to your site.

A lot of those sites will come from high ranking, authority sites. Unfortunately, some of them will also come from sites that can hurt your spot in the rankings. Fortunately, you can fix this problem. First, try to remove the links. You can do this by contacting the various site owners and asking them to remove the links. This rarely works, but it is worth a try. If you cannot get the site owners to remove the links, use the Google Disavow Links Tool. You can add links into the tool that you do not want to count against you in the rankings. Google will recommend that you also clean the links up, but in some cases, disavowing will be all you can do.

Guest Blog on Top Sites

Guest blogging has received a bad rap over the years. That is because people wasted their talents by blogging on low quality sites just so they could get backlinks. Fortunately, guest blogging is still a great way to get links, as long as you post the blog on an authoritative site that is in your niche. Contact site owners with guest blog ideas. Be sure to take the time to come up with ideas fit in with their sites’ content. In addition, give them links to your current blog to show them that you can add great quality to their sites. Keep in mind that you might have to contact lots of site owners before you find one who bites. That’s actually good news, since most people will give up before they find a guest blogging opportunity. That makes the rewards even greater for tenacious marketers who stick with it until they find a guest blogging gig.

Build Broken Links

The broken link building strategy is a great way to get links on authority sites. First, find authority websites in your niche. Authority sites typically have lots of different links. Over time, some of the links will stop working. As more time passes, the number of broken links will increase.  Authority sites hate to have broken links. It hurts their rankings and their reputations. With that in mind, go to the sites and look for broken links. Once you find one, create content that will fit in its place. Then, contact the site owner with information about the broken link, along with the replacement content. Most will want to fix the link as soon as possible so they will put your content up. That means you will have a high quality link pointing at your site.

If a site has lots of broken links, you can go about the process a little bit differently. Find outside sources for some of the links. Then, create content for one of the links. When you do this, your site will be one of many resources, increasing your chances of getting the backlink.

Use Natural Anchor Text

Site owners and content creators have abused keyword rich anchor text to the point that Google had to take action. Now, you can be penalized for overusing exact match anchor text. These links are considered unnatural. You can still use natural anchor text for you link building campaign by diversifying your anchor text. Exact match keywords are great if used sparingly. Use a mixture of exact match, brand name, brand keyword, URL and random anchor text links. Random keywords are often a call-to-action such as “click here” or “find out more.” While they won’t help you rank for specific keywords, they will help you in regards to your link building campaign.

If you incorporate these strategies, you can benefit from building links at a time when so many marketers have given up on the process. That will give you a huge advantage as you march toward the first page of Google. While others have surrendered prematurely, you will be on the right track to dominating the search engines and getting more traffic than ever before.