Why some sites rank on Targeted keywords without Search engine Optimization

SEO Ranking

Seriously, Some blogs or sites rank even their owners are not focusing on the SEO part of their site.

Don’t you think that you are working hard on your site and then also, you can’t rank on the targeted keywords while without optimization also, they do…

There are some reasons behind it, I am going to explain you same in this article. I will cover Each and every point of it.

You might be thinking, Let’s not work on SEO and our site will also rank for targeted keywords. Sounds Interesting and because of this, you will also take care of user experience on your site but that is not the solution.

Each and every person those who want to make money from their site should pay proper attention on SEO of his/her site. But there are some points because of which your competitors rank higher than you even without optimizing their site properly.

So, In this article, we’ll cover:

• Loading time of the site

• Writing for Users instead of Search engines

• Writing frequently

So, these are the points we will learn. You can think they are simple to understand. If you are thinking same, you can going wrong because these are the only 3 points that can do magic for your site.

By learning all this 3 things, or understanding, you will be able to rank your site pages or articles on the top of the search engine.

For that, you have to understand “Why?”. As the subject is also based on the question “why?”. Let me explain you from the first point itself.

1. Loading time of site

Loading time matters a lot. Even a half second difference in loading time of two sites make them ranked accordingly. Assuming that they both contain same quality of content.

In some cases, your site may be the one who takes half-second more load then what your competitor’s site does.

If you will be able to manage your site’s loading time to be better than your competitors, you will surely rank ahead of them.

The one who writes for passion and to help their readers don’t keep fancy or any theme having high loading time. I am not saying that they take care of the loading time of their site but they just write for their passion and only to share knowledge with their readers.

That’s why, they keep simple design on their blogs and for the same reason, they will have less loading time. I am not assuming all this but It’s my experience.

You can search about several health and recipe blogs, the one who will rank will have less loading time as well as their owners will be passionate about their work.

As per Web Performance Today, Very less difference in loading time can make huge changes when it comes to conversion rate and google’s rankings.

If the loading time of your site is more than 4-5 Seconds, you should really work hard on the loading time of your site because by improving it, you will see huge rise in traffic.

I am not saying this here only but practically, the traffic of your site will increase and along with it, revenue or sales.

There are some good tips I want to give you to make your site load faster. They are not traditional or common, What I have experienced is it,

• Before Uploading image, Pass that Image through compressor.io : Yeah, You might be listening about this tool for the first time but I am using it since many months.

Compreesor.io Image Compressor

Compressor.io Upload Image for Compression

Compressor.io Compressed Image Size

What I am getting is my images compressed 1/2x or 1/3x than it’s original size. Yes, It depends on the image too, But in 99% cases, you will get Your image as you want. In case of quality, No one can beat Compressor.io according to me. Your image will be as it is and to prove that, there is one feature on compressor.io.

• After uploading image, Smush It : If you are wordpress user, you might be knowing about plugin named Smush it. That Plugin actually smush the size of the image. You will get your image compressed without even a click. You just install the plugin and that plugin will start smushing images whenever you will upload them. I am using it and I can give 5/5 to that plugin.

• Remove Unwanted elements and scripts by detecting them from waterfall : You can test loading time of your site from http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt and with analysis of your site’s loading time, you will get watefall of requests your site took while loading.

Site Speed Test

What you have to do is to determine un-wanted scripts from them and remove them from your site. It will help you to save more then half or 1 full second of your site. By using this method, I took my site’s loading time to 1.67 seconds.

• Use Light theme : Using lots of fancy elements will make your site slower. To make it faster, you have to use light theme which looks elegant while it is light when it comes to loading time. There are lots of free and paid such themes available. You can purchase one for you.

That are the simple things you have to follow to make your site lightning fast. It will take your site’s loading time to 1-3 seconds.

Such things make your competitors site’s ranking above you. They use light theme and all. Let us move to another one.

2. Writing for Users instead of Search engines

This is the biggest positive point about top bloggers like Neil Patel . They write for users and not for search engines. As I told you, They do blogging because it’s their passion and they like to connect and help their readers.

In case of us, we write articles to rank on search engines instead of providing quality to users. When I entered into blogging, I used to write content for search engines but even after many tries, I got failure.

After that, I decided to just write for users and driving traffic from social media instead. The result was, I also started getting traffic from search engine after some time. Reason, I was not writing article for search engine and I was writing it for visitors to impress them to subscribe to my blog because I was only trying to drive traffic from social media and other sources.

On your blog, if you will write articles for readers by targeting good and relevant keywords instead of targeting short and hard to rank keywords, you will get targeted traffic from search engines.

Most of the pro bloggers or we can say pro marketers like Neil patel, Brian dean and many others get most traffic from search engine from long tail keywords.

To make it happen for you too, Here are some tips you shold follow.

• Target some long tail keywords instead targeting single short keyword : If you target single short keyword for your every article then according to me, you are going wrong. You should target some long tail keywords instead of targeting single short tail keyword. It is because, Tong tail keywords are easy to rank in comparison with short keywords as well as you will get more targeted traffic.

• Write Each and everything you know about that topic : Don’t feel shy while writing about you in your article. More readers will enjoy it, more ranking you will get. Main goal of ours should be to impress readers with our content. So, write down each and every thing you know about the topic you are writing.

3. Write Frequently

One who is passionate about blogging writes daily on their blog. Might not be daily but we can say frequently. Frequency may vary from passionate to passionate heheh… but frequently.

You have blog in which sometimes you write 2-3 articles a day and sometimes, it doesn’t get any update for many days. This is not the way to do blogging. You should write frequently on your blog to maintain the number of visitors on your site.

If you will not write, You will start getting drop in number of visitors from search engine and also other sources of traffic. I have similar experience several times on several sites.

The One and only solution to grow your traffic slowly and steadily is to write articles frequently on your blog.

If you really can’t be regular, you can write 2-3 articles when you want to write and publish one of them and schedule others so that you can be virtually regular.

Conclusion : The reason why you are not ranking might be the 3 of the given above. The reason why others rank is also same. Now, you have to decide whether you want to write for search engine like robots or to write for humans like humans and secure your position in top 10 for every targeted keyword.

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