SEO Tips and Tricks for Beginners

SEO Tips and Tricks for Beginners

The advent of internet gave birth to the development of new terms and techniques in order to cope with the changing needs of the modern people. Primarily, the internet is used to speed up communication and to deliver information at the fastest way possible. Today, however, it is even made possible to garner profits out of it in a plethora of ways. One way to do so is through SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of putting together significant elements for the contents of the site to garner traffic and to rank high in search engines. The use of mostly searched keywords is one strategy to succeed in optimizing write-ups.

Why Try Search Engine Optimization?

There are basically two reasons why one should try to catch up with SEO contents – traffic and exposure.

SEO makes it possible for your write-ups or photos to have a high rank when the specific niche is searched. As it appears at the top of the line, people will find it easier to just click it to get the data that they are searching for. Psychology says that people tend to grab the most available details first seen rather than searching for less traffic sites.

Exposure is another thing that SEO yields. Of course, aside from users clicking the link to your site, it is also a important that they stick with the site. A fully optimized site will surely keep users coming back for more. Plus, if your site has enough traffic, users may even refer your site.

SEO Tips and Tricks

Today, a lot of people have embraced the truth of high compensations through garnering SEO contents. The end result is the bloating traffic which will then cause advertisers to swarm and beg for a space in the site. While this can be fairly simple in an expert’s view, it may sound complicated to those who are still in the process of testing waters. So for beginners, here are some of the SEO tips and tricks that can easily be followed.

  • Search Keywords

The first step towards fully optimizing write-ups for your site is to search for keywords. Fishing out keywords is not as easy as taking a certain word to work on. In the world of SEO, there is a need for tools to come up with keywords that you can use.

Search engines like Google have the statistics of commonly clicked and searched terms that web marketers make use of. It even has a tool to make it easy to find high ranking keywords. These keywords will serve as your armor as you take the next tips in this article.

  • Use Compelling and Catchy Titles

Though keywords may take you a long way, there is still a need to come up with eye-catching titles. Titles should appear flashy and appealing to readers that merely seeing it may lead them to clicking the link. Titles containing terms such as topnotch, high ranking, the most, and top, are just some of the proven catchy ones.

Of course, there is a need to also incorporate keywords to these catchy titles in order to grab the top line of the search results in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • Add Keywords to Contents

Another trick to fully optimizing your site is to add on keywords to your web contents. Since keywords will help you garner traffic, it is just right to include these in your write ups.

The trick towards putting your write-ups to the top of the rank is to incorporate keywords on every paragraph of your article. Distribute the keywords evenly on the introduction, body and conclusion of your article.

  • Use Images

Putting images on your site increases its appeal to readers. Readers are drawn more to a site with a lot of photos to tickle their fancy. Of course, it is easier to stick to a site that has pictures in it instead of staring at a page filled with just texts.

The use of images gets even better and it is not added into sites for just aesthetic purposes. Instead, it has an even better purpose – to increase the traffic. The thing about photos is that it can be tagged. You can tag it with relevant keywords that will put it on search links. As the photos are clicked, users can directly have a link to your site, and voila! Instant traffic!

Things to Watch Out For

The tricks mentioned above are proven to be effective. However, there are some things to bear in mind in order to fully get the best out of these tips.

  1. Avoid overstuffing titles with keywords.

This is the most common failure of newbies. Stuffing titles with keywords will not help in keeping your contents on a high rank but instead, it may even push Google to suspend the articles.

  1. Use only relevant keywords.

It may sound tempting to include high ranking keywords in your titles and content but there are reasons why you should restrain yourself from doing so, especially if it is not related with your topic.

This taps your credibility. Your site might just be dumped by users especially if it goes to be a continual source of irrelevant write-ups. If your idea is to rank high on search engines, give users what they deserve.

  1. Always check for keyword density.

You may come to think that stuffing your contents with keywords will place it higher on rankings, and while this is partly true, companies like Google are now keen on processing articles that are suspicious. If your web content is found stuffed with irrelevant keywords, your site’s entity may be jeopardized.


There are only two ends in SEO, it is either you will succeed with the deal or your site will completely lose its credibility. As a beginner, start with a clean slate by following the tips and tricks mentioned while avoiding fraudulent ways to increase traffic.

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