Social Media Optimization For SEO Beginners

Social Media Optimization

It is undeniable that the presence of social media has a huge influence to modern society. Sharing, liking and posting take a long way in influencing a wide mass of people.

Basically, social media sites are made for the purpose of communication. It is easier to reach out to people now that there are sites that will help make it happen. But, this simple purpose has opened the door for webmasters to make use of the sites. Merely being active and present on social media sites may help garner traffic on personal sites and the term is now made known as Social Media Optimization.

Social Media Optimization is the process of making use of social media sites in order to garner traffic for specific target sites. The convenience of promoting products and services in these sites make it easy for individual sites to be made known to the growing population of social media network users. This in turn would lead to possible business prospects.

The idea of Social Media Optimization may sound really interesting for those with sprouting businesses. Succeeding with the use of this technique is quite easy, provided that proper strategies are used. If you are just starting and are planning to use this method to promote your own site, here are some useful and relevant ways to start.

Complete a Credible Profile

The first way to get the attention of readers is to build your own credible name. You can start off by signing up with popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Of course, you can add other sites to your list, as long as you can actively handle and maintain it.

One way of increasing the credibility of your profile is by completing all the fields that are required by the social media site. It is absolutely important that you make sure to provide nothing but the truth in all the fields and descriptions in order for users to find your page worth visiting.

Providing relevant photos would also help in building your reputation. Photos of your products and services may justify the real presence of your business and will help in establishing rapport with potential clients.

Add Multimedia Tools

A credible page will do half the deal already but, you’ll need something that will leave users glued onto your page for long time. Instead of posting boring texts, try to incorporate catchy photos, relevant videos and audios too. With these tools, your viewers will not find it hard to stick around your page and there is an instant bonus of garnering serious traffic too.

Socialize with Other Users

Completing a profile will take you half to where your target is, but this may not be enough. A complete profile with all the well-designed stuffs will never really sell if you are not reaching out to other users.

Social Media Optimization’s purpose is to appear in social media sites as much as possible. Your presence alone will take you a long way in creating a substantial name in the commonly flooded social media sites. Here are some ways to start building your name in social media networks.

  1. Add Friends

In order for your site or page to be made known, there is a need to add people on your profile. These people are the ones whom you can share your contents with and they are also your potential customers.

Start off by adding the friends in your circle. If you have already built a network of friends over the internet, you can add them to your profile. Adding people you know is a great start as you are sure to get positive responses from them. A good start will take you far.

  1. Place Comments on Friends’ Posts

Another way to socialize with people while also promoting your site is by commenting on their posts. Comment on posts that your site has a say on and avoid providing irrelevant details. Your goal in commenting is to help the people in your circle while promoting your site discretely on the side.

When placing comments, avoid flooding your friends’ posts with your promotions. Doing so will not help your site, but instead you might just end up being blocked for doing so. The key is to provide relevant data and not to solely promote.

The whole idea of socializing is to establish a relationship with your circle of friends. Establishing trust is the first step towards gaining the trust of users. This way, it will be easier for you to promote your site without appearing to take advantage.

Stop Over Promoting

The term Social Media Optimization alone means getting the highest potentials from your contents to make your presence known to your circle of friends and your target population. It is easy to think that to be able to promote your page, you have to grab every chance you can take. However, there is a threat of doing this crucial step.

Chances are, newbies might come over to promote their page because of their desire to speed up gaining traffic. This unknowingly would lead to failure.

Instead of over promoting, it would help to appear as natural as possible. Avoid posting deals on social media sites from time to time. Remember that users get annoyed with frequent posts that say the same thing over and over again. As a piece of advice, post relevant topics only. You do not have to post your products or services directly but rather, you can post details that would lead users to get interested with what you are offering.


The influence of social media is truly undeniable. This is why it comes to be a great tool to promote your own site, services and products. With proper techniques, you will surely find your way towards success. Now that you have the tips in mind, you are ready to take charge and to begin your quest in venturing out with the most effective promotional deal in the online world today – social media optimization.

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