Ultimate Methods to Decrease the Bounce Rate

Bounce rate, If you are new to this field and don’t know the meaning bounce rate, let me give you quick brief information about bounce rate of the blog or site. According to google, It is,

the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

Ultimate Methods to decrease the bounce rate

If any of your visitor leave your site without visiting any of the other pages on your site then you can say that the visitor is bounced. There are many reasons behind high bounce rate. You can check the bounce rate of your site or blog from your analytics tool.

In google analytics, You can see the bounce rate easily. Here is the bounce rate of one of my site.


Analytics Bounce RateYou can see the bounce rate of my site is 69.59% which is average bounce rate. It is average bounce rate of the month. 69% bounce rate means out of 100 unique visitors, 69 visitors leave my site after reading one page or seeing one page.

It is the normal bounce rate and the average of bounce rate of all the sites on the web is about 50-70%. If you are having bounce rate higher than 80% then you have to do something to decrease the bounce rate of your site. If you want to decrease the bounce rate of your site, I am going to share tips with you in the same article. Before that, I want to clear the myth about bounce rate and rankings in google.

Many SEOs believe that if you are having high bounce rate, you will not get higher rankings in google for your targeted keyword. But it is not true. There is no connection between the bounce rate of your site and the rankings. Yes, If you have 100% visitors from search engine than bounce rate may affect your rankings but no site has 100% visitors from search engine.

There are always the other sources of traffic. First of all, Here comes the new word Pogo Sticking. Pogo Sticking means the bounce rate of visitors coming from the search engine as the site owner and also you can say the visitor bounces from first result to second one, second one to third one, third one to fourth one to find the solution of the problem they are having.

For example, I want to know more about Bounce rate. I just searched in google Bounce rate and got the results. Now, I visited the first site and didn’t got the satisfying explanation. I bounced from that site and visited the second result. I was not satisfied with the explanation given in the second site and bounced from that site too. I just visited the third site and got bounced from that also. This thing is called the Pogo sticking. Google doesn’t like this because google wants their visitor to get the answer in the first result or any first site the visitor visits. So, If the visitors from search engine to your site gets bounced, It is not good for you and you need to work on your bounce rate. I am going to give you some detailed tips to decrease the bounce rate of your site. So, Here we go…

1. Publish Readable Content

Publish Readable Content

If someone visits your site and see the long paragraphs of content, they will not like to read because there is no formatting. If you don’t like to read your own content, no one other will like to read it. So, First of all, you have to properly format the copy you just wrote. Here is the example of such content, Huh, You didn’t like it, Am i right or Am i right? So, If you write the paragraphs having more than 5-10 sentences in it, Your content sucks. Try to write short and sweet and informative piece of content. It will help you a lot.

While writing the lists, Don’t just write it like nothing as you have the feature called the bullets. So, It is always a great to format the content you write. So, this is what you have to do to see the improvement in the bounce rate of your blog or site if you don’t have the proper formatting.

2. Target Right Audience

Target Right Audience

Targeted audience means low bounce rate. So, If you are getting targeted traffic as well as you are having good site, you will have low bounce rate on your site or blog. It clearly means that you need to modify the targeted keywords so that you can get targeted traffic from search engine.

The one and only solution for targeting right keyword for right audience is Long tail keywords. Traffic from long tail keywords are more targeted. For quick example, I have One article on my blog named Best smart phones under $300, It is ranking for two keywords Best smart phones and smart phones under 300.

It is clear that I will get traffic from both the keywords. But the long tail keyword (Smart phones under 300) will give me targeted traffic while the visitors from short keyword might get bounced because they are looking for Best smart phones and they have no limit to spend money on the phones.

That’s why, They will visit my site but if they will not get the best smart phone according to them, they will get bounced while the visitors from long tail keyword might like open the other article and read it.

That’s why, it is best to target the long tail keywords and rank on them. If you have better looking site and also, you have targeted traffic, You can achieve the best bounce rate for your site. As no site owner can see others hate his/her site.

3. Speed Up the Page Loading Time

Speed up the page loading time

This is one of the most important factor while ranking and while surfing too. More your page takes time to load, More they will get bored. So, To maintain their curiosity read your site, you have to make your site load faster.

Moreover, decreasing the loading time of the site will help you to rank higher because search engine loves the Fast loading sites and site’s loading time is one of the most important ranking factor out of 200 ranking factors.

So, Now it’s time for some tips so that you can decrease the bounce rate of your site.

  • Compress the Images before uploading :Compressing the image will not decrease the dimensional size of your image but it will decrease the storage size of your image. It means that user has to download the small sized image while opening the page. Which will later result into images loading faster. If images on your site will load faster, Overall loading time of your site will get improved. To compress the size of the images before uploading it, You can use compressor.io.
  • Compress the images after uploading: Yes, It is possible if you use wordpress. In wordpress, there is one plugin named Smush It. Once installed and activated, it will compress the images whenever you will upload them on your site.
  • Use CDN (Content delivery network): CDN will help you to improve the speed of your site. What content Delivery network exactly does is it will help you to get the image of your site on many parts of the world. Your site will be hosted on your server only but will also be there in other servers in many parts of the world. Whenever user will try to access your site, he/she will access it from the nearest server from their location. Not going deep into the technical site of how CDN works, Here is the list of some free as well as paid CDNs, They are MaxCDN, Cloud flare, Photon, Swarmify.
  • Remove Un-necessary Scripts: Anything that is not important on your site and still it sends request to the server when someone opens the site, Remove it! It will save lots of time and will make your site faster. You can know about the loading time of the requests by seeing the waterflow of requests on tools.pingdom.com/fpt .

4. Increase number of internal links

Internal Links

Internal links are very much important when it comes to ranking your site on the targeted keywords as well as when someone doesn’t know the meaning of some phrases on your site. Or, If you want them to read more about something or at some point, they need more information about something that will help them in future, Internal links are great.

For example, I want to introduce the new word related to Bounce rate to you, I can either give you the explaination about the word in the same article as I did it above in the case of the word Pogo sticking. Or, You can give the link of the other article of your blog in which it is explained. But, If you are not giving links to other pages which are important for this topic nor you are explaining them to your visitors, visitors will leave your site seeking other sites having perfect

So, this is how internal links will help you to decrease the bounce rate of your blog.

Conclusion: It is very much important to have low Bounce rate because low bounce rate will give you high conversion rates because users are liking your site. To decrease the bounce rate, you can surely use this techniques.


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