The Ultimate Techniques to Trim up your Site’s Loading time

Do you think that the website speed affects User experience and SEO performance?

Yes, Site Speed affects User experience and SEO performance. Nowadays, Users don’t want to wait to get the results they want. They are in Hurry to get what they want. Due to this, Search engines are also giving priority to the site who loads fast.

In short, Site Speed is very much important and the loading time of your site must be under 2-3 seconds because that is the average loading time of any site. Yeah, Some are faster than that and Some are slower too! The Result will be, Faster sites will rank higher in search engines while Slower ones will not!

How to Trim Site Loading Time

How Loading time affects User experience?

Users want any website or page to load as fast as possible. Even, they don’t wait for some seconds because they know that there are lots of pages on the same topic in google in which they can find an answer. An article published by Trewmarketing on Optimize User Experience says ideal site loading time is between 1 to 5 seconds.

Even if your site gets loaded within 5 seconds, they will get frustrated and may leave your site too! If you have higher loading time then you have to start thinking on this topic, I will show you techniques to decrease the loading time of your site effectively.

There is one more thing you should know. That is First Impression time. First impression time means the time between user clicks on your site and your site starts showing something on it except the blank screen. If your site’s loading time is higher but if First impression time is very less then also your users will feel better on your site.

Now, Let us see Why search engines considers Site’s loading time as ranking factor.

Why search engine considers Loading time as Ranking factor

Nowadays, Search engine are trying to make an user experience better. Google Considers Loading time as Ranking factor because Google wants to give better experience to the searchers.

Less the loading time of your site, More will be the Rankings. If you want to test this thing, Best thing you can do is improving your site’s loading time and see the difference.

For example, Check the rankings of your site for some keywords before Improving the site’s speed and check again after improving the site’s speed.

I am sure in this case, You will surely see the improvement in rankings of your site. It is because, Google will outrank sites having slow loading time in comparison with your site and will replace with your site.

Now, It’s time for me to give you the best techniques to Analyze and Improve loading time of your site.

Techniques to Improve Site’s Loading time.

To Improve site’s loading time, First of all, you need to analyze the loading time of your site. Reason behind analyzing loading time is you can know about the elements and codes that takes more time to get loaded.

To check the Loading time as per file That is being loaded on User’s computer, Go to and enter your site’s URL and hit Test button.

Site speed test

After Clicking on Test Now, Your site will be analysed by Pingdom. After getting analyzed, You will get Waterflow of your site’s requests. Just like this,

Site Speed Test2

Now, You can see the time taken by the Particular Request to get loaded on user’s computer. For example, Request for domain took aound 0.5 Seconds. Similarly, you can get it for every request. You just have to hover on the bar corresponding to the requested file.

Now it’s simple if you understood everything till now. It is because Now you just have to remove those plugins, or scripts who are taking higher time to get loaded if you don’t want them.

For example, There is one Script file which is taking around 0.6Seconds to get loaded but I don’t want that file because that file is not in use. I will simply Remove that file and will boost up my site’s speed by 0.6Seconds.
By this technique, you will come to know about the requested file and its loading time. After that, you can remove certain file if it is not in use to save or improve loading time of site.

There are also other techniques to Improve Site’s loading time. Here are they,

1. Optimize images

Yes, You can save Lot of time by optimizing image size to make them load faster. Here are some tips you need to follow while optimizing images,
· Optimal image size for blog (according to width) – 630Px
· Before uploading it, Just trim up its size using
· Install plugin if you are using wordpress.

By following these 3 tips, Your image will be Perfectly Optimized. These type of small stuff can show you a huge difference. Don’t Miss them.

2. Better web hosting

It depends on the web hosting you use too! If the servers of your hosts are better, Speed of your site will be higher too!
Before Puchasing hosting plan, Compare them and also take Testimonal with one who is using it personally.

Conclusion: It is very important to have fast loading website. Because Users also like Fast loading site and Search engines too! You can see huge difference with imporvement of even 0.5Seconds on large scale website.

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